Managed Detection & Response

Industry Leading Cybersecurity

DATASHIELD arms understaffed or over-worked IT Teams with next-generation technology and cybersecurity expertise, equipping organizations to defend against the constantly changing threat landscape to prevent brand-crippling cyber-attacks.

DATASHIELD’s “Triple Threat”
Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Threat Detection

Our team of elite cybersecurity experts monitor and hunt for potential threats to your business while you focus on running it.

Threat Validation

Leveraging our cyber-threat intelligence technology, SHIELDVISION, we determine which threats are actually valid.

Threat Response

Get notified of verified threats while our experts brief you on severity and scope, guiding you through recommended containment.

DATASHIELD, an ADT company

Founded in 2009, DATASHIELD, an ADT company is one of the most tenured cybersecurity firms in North America. The company provides cybersecurity solutions in conjunction with managed detection and response services across all industries, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, energy, legal, and many more. DATASHIELD is the leading provider of managed detection and response services to the mid-market.

DATASHIELD differentiates itself as a leader in the cybersecurity industry by leveraging advanced technologies coupled with human-based intelligence and internal processes that detect and combat advanced persistent threats in real-time. DATASHIELD's proprietary technology and processes uniquely focus on quickly generating valuable insight into verified advanced security threats for analysis and response.

This allows DATASHIELD to detect threats faster than the competition.

No False Alarms

Receive contextualized, actionable notifications so you can move quickly when it matters. Alleviate alert fatigue and leverage advanced AI, machine learning & automation.

Real Experts

Our team of elite, cybersecurity experts come from the most demanding DoD and private sector security environments and use the most advanced monitoring technologies.

True Sight

Focused threat hunting, real-time automated detection, and deep insight into even the most complex, virtualized and geographically distributed enterprises.



SHIELDVISION is the future of cyber threat defense technology, combining human intelligence with deep algorithm analysis. Accrued intel applied to packet-level data allows our team of experts to go “back in time” to identify compromises that are often missed by other technologies. With SHIELDVISION, we see everything.


Meet Your New Cybersecurity Team

DATASHIELD maintains a team of world-class security analysts with experience defending mission-critical assets in 24x7x365 national security and fortune 500 environments — and they work exclusively in our US-based Advanced Security Operations Center. Deploy our team of highly trained experts for your business.


What’s Your Cyber Resilience Plan?

Cyber resilience means being at ease before, during, and after a cyber attack on your business. True resilience requires a team of experts watching over your business using tomorrow’s next generation threat-detection technologies — fortunately, we have that, and we’re ready to deploy for your business's security needs.