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We have been performing complex forensic cybersecurity services before the term MDR was fashionable.  With over 10 years in the industry, we are among only a handful of Managed Security Providers that can provide true MDR services.  Learn more about how we arrived at where we are today.

DATASHIELD, an ADT company

Founded in 2009, DATASHIELD, an ADT company is one of the most tenured cybersecurity firms in North America. DATASHIELD provides end-to-end cybersecurity resilience solutions with a specialty in managed detection and response (MDR) services.

DATASHIELD is one of the very few companies that can provide true MDR to the mid-market.  Leveraging propriety orchestration technology and threat intelligence along with specialization and expertise in the space, DATASHIELD has customers across all industries, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, energy, legal, government and many more.

DATASHIELD differentiates itself as a leader in the cybersecurity industry by combining advanced technologies with human-based intelligence and internal processes that detect and combat advanced persistent threats in real-time. DATASHIELD's proprietary technology SHIELDVision and core processes including Threat Hunting focus on quickly generating valuable insight into advanced security threats for analysis and response.  This allows DATASHIELD to detect threats faster than the competition.

As the landscape for Managed Security Services changes, DATASHIELD continues to be a 3rd party recognized leader in MDR and adopts a tool agnostic, truly consultative approach.  DATASHIELD has the experience and resources to be able to setup, configure and manage virtually any SIEM appliance, Email Security Tool or Endpoint Software.  By leveraging ADT’s Commercial Security Services, DATASHIELD is able to integrate with and provide network security and other perimeter type services.

DATASHIELD positions its customers with a better security posture daily.  DATSHIELD’s focus on a Cybersecurity Resilience Platform, its partnerships and backing by ADT allow it to provide full scope cyber security solutions from SME to Enterprise.

Company History

Detailed below is a brief review of our 10 year history in the cybersecurity space.  It is important not only as a proof of experience, but also as documentation for why we do, what we do today.

2009 - DATASHIELD Founded: Born from RSA / EMC Roots

DATASHIELD was founded as leading edge Cyber Technology company by a joint investment between RSA, EMC and founding CEO Michael Malone.

2011 - Developed MSS for RSA

DATASHIELD began offering an MSS solution around log based SIEM technologies.  As the market evolved, the need for an MSS provider offering real time forensics and malware analysis emerged and DATASHIELD expanded the offering.  DATSHIELD became the exclusive white labeled MSS solution for RSA NetWitness Security Analytics platform to RSA/EMC middle market and enterprise customers.

2012 - DATASHIELD Buys Back Investment

Datashield reclaims the initial equity investment from RSA/EMC. Additionally, Datashield partnered with the Frank Keener Investments to buy back the investment from RSA /EMC.

2013 - Developed MDR Service for NetWitness

DATASHIELD in partnership with RSA and ACD develops high-touch Managed Detection and Response Solution

2014 - SOC II Type 2 Certification

DATASHIELD achieved SOC II Type 2 certification, and became the only MSS provider with that level of achievement. As part of long term relationship, DATASHIELD partnered with Silicon Valley Bank to expand solutions world wide.

2015 - DATASHIELD Acquires IBS

DATASHIELD procured an additional investment from HCAP to acquire security reseller Integrated Business Solutions which allowed the company a direct sales channel in addition to the "white labeled” RSA/EMC service that was sold world wide.

2016 - DATASHIELD on Hot Cyber Security Companies List

DATASHIELD was named one of the 500 Hot Cyber Security Companies to watch in 2016 and continued with an explosive growth year.

2017 - DATASHIELD Acquired by ADT

ADT acquired DATASHIELD to act as advanced cybersecurity arm for commercial division.

2017 through 2019 - Gartner MDR Market Guide

DATASHIELD (ADT Cybersecurity) recognized on Gartner's Managed Detection and Response Market Guide as a leader in the industry.

Industries We Protect

At DATASHIELD, we defend a diverse range of industries and companies of varying size and complexity.  This includes such sectors as healthcare, energy, legal, finance, insurance and retail.  We understand the specific information security requirements for each one of these industries and more.  We know how to implement a security protocol that keeps you compliant.


Meet Our Team

Vet our seasoned leadership team and see who is manning the ship and keeping, high-touch, highly specialized security services at the forefront of our strategic vision.  Everyone from our executive team to our newest hire is focused on world-class security services and best-in-breed Managed Detection and Response.


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