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The Biggest Problem with Sales in Cyber Security

DJ Jones, Director of North American Sales at DATASHIELD, outlines one of the biggest problems with sales in cyber security. The answer may surprise you.

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The Biggest Problem with Sales in Cyber Security

Today we caught DJ off guard and asked him off the cuff, "What are some of the problems we have with cyber security sales?" His immediate answer...

"Feature Dumping"

Too often as sales people, we spew out feature after feature of a technology or solution without stopping to find out with problems the prospect might have. This should be step one. Find out the pain points and educate the prospect on how your technology or solution helps solve those problems.

As DJ puts it...

"We just don't listen, we are too interested in telling people about our features and benefits."

He goes on to allude that as professional sales people we need to...

"Understand what their common concerns are, and how we help augment what they are doing with what we can do."

At DATASHIELD we have implemented a consultative sales culture that is more interested in solving customer problems and retaining our service with our clients, over pushing a technology or solution on them.

DJ Jones is Director of Sales for North America but also handles direct sales for all of the Southwest, including Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii and Southern California. He has had tremendous success in 2019 leading with a tool agnostic approach and helping solve managed security issues for companies in the mid-market.

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