Our team of elite cyber security experts working 24x7x365 on your behalf.

ADT Cybersecurity employs a World Class, Highly Experienced Team of Security Analysts Who Have Defended Mission Critical Assets in 24x7x365 National Security Environments & FORTUNE 500 Organizations.

At the core of our Managed Detection and Response service is our SOC 2 Type II certified US-Based Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC).

ADT Cybersecurity maintains an elite team of cyber security experts operating exclusively in our US-based Advanced Security Operations Center.

Operating as an extension of your security team, the ADT Cybersecurity ASOC professionals provide greater insight into all aspects of your security posture.

ADT Cybersecurity’s MDR service couples best-in-class technologies with experienced cyber security analysts, which ensures comprehensive visibility, rapid detection and faster response times.

Going far beyond traditional MSSP capabilities, ADT Cybersecurity’s cyber security experts use logs, packet capture, end-point detection, and cyber threat intel to provide threat detection in minutes, not months. Working as an extension of the customers’ security team, the ADT Cybersecurity ASOC experts will actively hunt for indicators of comprise within the customers’ environment, as well as, use SHIELDVISION to “go back in time” to identify compromises that may have been missed by other toolsets.

REAL-TIME Threat Detection leveraging People, Process and Technology.

Active Hunting, Alert Management, Report Generation, Customer Environment Monitoring, Technology Management.
Cyber Threat Intel (SHIELDVISION), manual intel analysis, automated real-time scanning and querying, past packet data analysis.
Customer is notified of verified incidents only – receives scope and severity assessment and recommendations for quick containment and response.
Simply identify potential threats—flagging them all as alerts.
DADT Cybersecurity MDR
Investigates and validates threats, alerting customer only to verified, actionable threats.

ASOC vs. SOC: Proactive & Intelligence Driven Security

Orchestrating People, Process & Technology to Create Intelligence Driven Solutions.

SOC: Core Capabilities

• Build, Deploy, & Monitor Content 
• Perform Investigations & Analysis
• Active Hunting
• IOC Scanning with SHIELDVISION
• Decompose Malware 
• Analysis of Customer-Requested Investigations
• Manage Technology
• Real-time System Health/Uptime
• Initial Problem Determination and Remediation
Notify customer of Verified Incidents only

ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response™ enables organizations to combat the modern cyber adversary with effective cyber security defenses.

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