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A Closer Look at LogRhythm XM for the Mid-Market

logrhythm-logoLogRhythm XM is a powerful yet compact version of LogRhythm Enterprise that is the perfect solution for many organizations in the mid-market. Learn more about the available all-in-one SIEM options and how Datashield helps companies successfully install and managed LogRhythm XM.

The early days of tackling cyber threats involved a team of crack detectives diving through thousands of alerts produced by traditional firewall tools and log analyzers to pinpoint threats to networks. This method was similar to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack and was labor intensive.

According to a Bitdefender report, security teams spend 21,000 man-hours chasing false positives in a year. To reduce the expended effort, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools such as the LogRhythm XM were designed.

These SIEM tools employed the use of AI to log collection and management which drastically reduced the man-hours spent on detecting threats and dealing with cybersecurity challenges. Today, there are many SIEM tools available for large enterprises but fewer that meet the cost and time requirements of the mid-market which often consists of Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME). LogRhythm XM appliances are examples of SIEMs that provide enterprises in the mid-market range with excellent scalable features. This is part of what helped LogRhythm earn a top spot on Gartner’s peer insights for SIEM tools.

And why is LogRhythm XM the choice for many users?

According to a senior security expert from Gartner Reviews (Peer Insights), LogRhythm XM provides enhanced "flexibility and a polished user interface" which simplified its use. The user also went further to state that the SIEM reduces the man-hours and the effort security teams put in when dealing with threats. Other reasons include the ability to scale storage, architecture, and recovery options as an enterprise grows its customer base and the amount of data it collects.


Analyzing the LogRhythm XM Appliances Available to the Mid-Market

LogRhythm offers three options within the XM model to organizations with varying capacity. It is important to note that LogRhythm XM is an all-in-one solution that includes LogRhythm Platform Manager (PM), Data Processor (DP), Data Indexer (DX), and the AI Engine (AIE), To make an informed choice, an understanding of what these three options offer in terms of features and capacity is needed. The three options are XM 4500, XM 6500, and XM 8500. An analysis of each option highlights the following features and specifications:

  • XM 4500 – Equipped with a maximum processing rate of 2,000MPS with 10 CPU cores. It also comes with an internal memory of 96GB which can be expanded. The maximum storage is 123TB making it an efficient SIEM solution for small businesses.
  • XM 6500 – Offers more processing power and storage capacity for SMEs to use. It is equipped with a maximum process rate of 5,000MPS and like its predecessor in the series, it has an expandable 192GB memory and 14TB of internal storage. These features are all run through 20 CPU cores which makes it capable of handling extensive workloads.
  • XM 8500 – Equipped with a maximum processing rate of 10,000MPS, 4 CPU cores and 256GB of expandable memory. Its internal storage capacity is 25.4TB. With these numbers, the XM 8500 can be seen as an enterprise-grade SIEM solution to use for business with a rapidly expanding digital footprint.

The Benefits LogRhythm XM Appliances Offer SMEs

LogRhythm XM appliances are high-performing SIEM tools that combine excellent software and dedicated hardware to managing security and operations within an enterprise’s security operations center or IT architecture. The different models that make up the series offer the following benefits to companies in the mid-market range:

  • Quicker Threat Detections – LogRhythm XM was built for detecting surface threats and efficiently searching through log data to help businesses respond to security incidents in real-time. It also provides visibility into the deepest sections of IT environments to ensure threats are discovered no matter how subtle they are.
  • Affordable, Expandable Storage Options – Many SMEs struggle with determining the amount of IT resources they require to function optimally and when using SIEM tools, this challenge remains. The expandable nature of LogRhythm XM appliances and all-in-one build ensures SMEs can start with more-affordable options and scale up according to increasing requirements.
  • Integrates Artificial Intelligence – For small and medium enterprises, setting up a dedicated cybersecurity team may be an expensive venture to undertake. LogRhythm XM’s use of an AI engine automates the correlation, behavioral analysis, data search, and other analytical aspects of detecting threats. This can delay the need to set up a dedicated cybersecurity team until the business is big enough to handle the cost of floating a cybersecurity department.

LogRhythm XM has earned its place as one of the top SIEM tools for mid-market enterprises. This is because of its extensive features, affordable pricing and flexibility.


How Datashield Can Help

Datashield has a vendor / tool agnostic approach and thus has partnered with LogRhythm to offer it to clients where it makes sense. In many mid-market situations LogRhythm is the right cost effective solution that provides both a better security posture and meets compliance requirements for organizations that require it.

Datashield's team of security engineers can also help companies setup and configure LogRhythm for optimal ongoing performance. Beyond that our we offer a co-managed or fully outsource SOC solution which highly customizable and even extends to off-hours, holiday and other gap coverage. Contact Us to find out more.

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