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Recent Posts:

Mimecast: Large File Send

Mimecast Large File sending service provides a solution for companies to send and receive large files without leaving the Microsoft Outlook e-mail platform's ecosystem and avoids using third-party file senders, which complicates overall IT security defenses.

Mimecast: Outlook Plugin

Mimecast is a security company that offers solutions for corporate users to secure their email communications along with threat detection technologies.

Proofpoint: Outlook Plugin

Proofpoint’s Outlook Plugin is part of a broader product offering comprising multiple cyber-security and data protection tools.

Proofpoint: Secure Share

An organization’s digital transformation process requires a safe and secure environment for sharing data, and Proofpoint provides a solution for the exchange of large files using their Secure Share tool.

Proofpoint: Targeted Attack Protection

One of the most complex cyber-security protections provided by security firm Proofpoint is their Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) solution. Proofpoint TAP is aimed at protecting your systems against ransomware and other threats that usually penetrate your business systems through e-mail messages.

Proofpoint: URL Defense

Proofpoint is a security company that offers multiple solutions to protect your organization’s online communications and digital assets. Proofpoint URL Defense is part of their Business, Advanced and Professional packages and works as an anti-phishing tool by re-writing embedded links in your e-mail messages.

RSA NetWitness: Orchestrator

The modern cyber threat landscape is defined by automated actors such as commodity malware, crimeware, insider threats, and the generic actions of “hacktivists”. Dealing with such innate cybersecurity threats which are churned out in large volumes requires a high-level of orchestration which enables security teams to deal with more important issues.

Free Cybersecurity Courses

Cybersecurity has a reputation for being one of the most lucrative job fields and easily accessible software to learn on. But finding reliable, traditional courses can be hard to find.  Traditional college degrees and certification programs can often be expensive for professionals looking to see if cybersecurity is the right field for their career.

Free and Open Source Cybersecurity Tools

Open source software is a rapidly growing market because every user has access to the respective programming code, can audit what the code’s functionality does and can edit the code to fit specific requirements.

Popular MFA Solutions

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method and technology to verify a user’s identity requiring two or more credential category types for the user to be able to log into a system or make a transaction.

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