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Carbon Black & Azure Sentinel for Cloud Deployed Cyber Security Resilience

In this special announcement, DATASHIELD officially outlines its new partnerships with Carbon Black and Azure Sentinel as a unique cloud deployed pairing for cyber resilience.

Datashield Pairs Carbon Black & Microsoft Azure Sentinel for a Cloud Deployed Cyber Security Resilience Solution

Datashield, an ADT Cybersecurity company, is pleased to announce a new cloud security combo. Through Datashield's partnerships with Carbon Black and Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Datashield can now offer an end-to-end Cyber Resilience solution fully deployed in the cloud.

Both Carbon Black and Sentinel are used in concert with Datashield's proprietary orchestration and automation tool SHIELDVision. It allows for Datashield to provide forensic-level Threat Hunting, IOC Correlation, and Incident Response type capabilities within an agile and easily deployed environment.


Carbon Black: Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) + Next-Gen Anti-Virus (NGAV)

CB Predictive Cloud and specifically, CB Defense, is Carbon Black's high-powered endpoint software that allows for a higher degree of forensic analysis and threat hunting at the end-user device. CB Defense serves as a two-pronged cyber resilience solution that focuses on 1st line perimeter protection.

Carbon Black's tools can scale up and down to businesses of different sizes. Additionally, its ease of deployment and use, make it a go-to EDR tool for organizations with a proactive cyber posture.


Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM: Cloud Integration & Baked-in Analytics

Microsoft's newest cloud pairing with Azure is the advanced cutting-edge Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) device dubbed Sentinel. Sentinel is the first SIEM solution produced by a primary cloud provider. Sentinel allows teams to overcome infrastructure and storage issues while eliminating query limits and scaling problems.

Easy import of Office 365 data, security automation, interactive dashboards, and capability of manual threat hunting, are some of the key benefits Sentinel provides its users, especially the case for an existing Microsoft / Azure customer.


Datashield Managed Security Provider + SHIELDVision: Orchestration and Automation

Now an ADT Cybersecurity company, Datashield has been involved in the managed cybersecurity space for over a decade. A tenured leadership team and a 100% US-based Security Operations Center (SOC), staffed 24/7 with highly trained analysts, threat content developers, and security engineers, serves as the backbone of the Datashield value proposition. Datashield's team is highly trained in both CB Defense and Sentinel SIEM for both small and large deployments. By working closely with Microsoft and Carbon Black, Datashield has developed an agile cloud-based cyber resilience solution that scales to the enterprise level.

DATAOn top of Datashield's people being a core driver, SHIELDVision, Datashield propriety orchestration, automation, and threat intelligence feed, deliver the key differentiator to the marketplace. Not only does SHIELDVision provide automatic correlation and a "single pane of glass" interface, but it provides the functionality to compare threat indicators across Datashield's entire customer base. With the right technology, they can "travel back in time" to discover threats not detected by other tools.

What this means for Datashield's customers is the following:


  1. Faster detection and response, including proactive threat hunting and rule writing designed around prevention. This results in a continual hardening of the customer's security posture.
  2. Each customer can leverage the data from the networks of Datashield's entire customer base, regardless of their size. This benefits each customer as they can participate in the virtual knowledge share of the threat landscape from a distributed sample set.
  3. Machine automation and active development allows Datashield to serve more customers with less manpower. This provides a lower-cost solution to the customer without sacrificing coverage, advanced reporting, and the additional benefits of an outsourced SOC.

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