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How to Celebrate Choose Privacy Week

Choose Privacy Week

Choose Privacy Week, first observed by the American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) in 2010, is an initiative that invites the public to have a conversation about privacy rights in a digital age. The campaign gives the public the tools they need to educate and engage , and gives them resources to think critically and make more informed choices about their privacy.

Originally celebrated by public libraries, this week of celebration can be appreciated by all-- especially those in the Information Security industry.

Now is a great time to reflect on your organization's current security protocols around data privacy and consumer data:


Review your organization's Privacy Policy

Now is a great time to review your company's privacy policy for its employees and consumers. Often times privacy policies are implemented at a business' launch and left to age poorly over the years. Take time to review your company's most recent privacy policy available to the public and gather with security and legal teams to ensure your business is staying compliant and up-to-date with best practices.


Make sure your company website is GDPR-compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is legislation passed in the EU that affects companies that operate in the EU or have site visitors from these areas. Compliance is key for enterprises looking to avoid hefty fines and respect how consumer data is stored and used.


Take time to review your vendors' privacy protocols

Protecting personal privacy is important, but so is securing your organization's. In cybersecurity, businesses tend to think about potential threats and breaches by outside attackers. But many cyberthreats come from internal sources unchecked by UEBA software or strict user privilege settings through vendor relationships and data vulnerabilities.

Make sure you take time to vet your vendors' privacy policies and data usage. If the service stores company data for your organization (especially in the cloud), make sure you investigate how secure their operations are as well. Third-party attacks can leave your business vulnerable.


Public resources

The ALA offers public consumer privacy protection resources such as:

  • A guide on how to protect your privacy while using public computers and Wi-Fi
  • Resource list on tools to protect user privacy like information on the Eight-Day Data Detox Kit and other free online tools to manage internet browsing privacy

Are you looking to improve your organization's security posture and meet consumer data compliance regulations?

Contact us today for a no-cost consultation on how Datashield can help.

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