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FortiSIEM Overview


The complexities of security management across enterprise estates consisting of virtual machines, cloud, endpoints, and IoT devices require a cybersecurity solution that protects expansive IT infrastructure.

FortiSIEM is a solution that provides visibility into complex enterprise estates to respond to threats. FortiSIEM is a subsidiary of Fortinet and was developed with the need to provide seamless protection across expansive IT infrastructure in mind. 

Fortinet’s SIEM product leverages machine learning to detect threats and improve response timelines to stop network breaches and attacks before they occur. Their SIEM takes a proactive approach to threat detection and mediation, which makes it an excellent tool for managing and securing IT ecosystems.


Performance Monitoring

FortiSIEM integrates features that make monitoring basic system metrics possible. It measures virtualization metrics for VMware and Hyper V virtualization platforms. Other metrics include storage usage, databases, and the performance of applications. FortiSIEM performance monitoring helps with detecting anomalies that occur within systems and their underlying causes.


Security Analytics

FortiSIEM provides out-of-the-box pre-defined compliance reports that help with security analytics. These reports support a diverse range of compliance auditing and management needs such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO, SOX, etc. These reports provide an understanding of the contextual relationships across the data produced from interconnected applications.


Real-time Threat Detection

FortiSIEM relies on its intelligent infrastructure and application discovery engine to detect unauthorized network devices, applications, and configuration changes that happen within a system. FortiSIEM’s ability to detect these changes in real-time and automate the system’s responses to threats enhances security. The SIEM solution also integrates cross-correlated analytics through its event correlation engine when monitoring abnormal behaviors across hybrid IT infrastructure.


Identity Mapping

FortiSIEM applies a dynamic user identity process to keep track of the patterns used in accessing an enterprise network. The dynamic identity mapping process takes into consideration a user’s IP Address, MAC address, geographic location, and behavioral patterns to create unique identities for users. Perform user-based investigations and accelerate problem resolution initiatives when threats are detected with Identity Mapping.


SIEM Solutions 

FortiSIEM offers multiple products that help with securing and monitoring networks, IT operations, databases, and cloud ecosystems. These products provide end-to-end visibility, threat detection, and response. 


FortiSIEM End-Point Protection

This end-point detection and response solution employs automated triage to detect threats in real-time. It takes a proactive approach to deal with attacks and diffuses them before they negatively affect business operations. This solution also provides a customizable dashboard that shows key performance index in real-time, which enhances the ability to identify critical security issues quickly. 


FortiSIEM Advanced Agent

This solution integrates the required technology for handling large threat feeds and integrating other threat intelligence sources into one SIEM platform. With Advanced Agent, feeds from popular threat intelligence sources such as ThreatStream, CyberArk, and Zeus can be integrated into the FortiSIEM dashboard and incident reports. The dashboard also highlights the agentless technology FortiSIEM uses and its ability to work with high-performance agents for Windows and Linux, thus strengthening its data capture and monitoring capabilities. 


FortiSIEM’s Compatibility

FortiSIEM’s parent company, Fortinet, offers diverse threat detection and response tools that complement the efforts of FortiSIEM. These tools include the FortiEDR for end-point detection, protection, and response, as well as, FortiGuard, FortiNAC, FortiGate. The FortiSIEM All-in-one package integrates these solutions to provide unified monitoring and security management across the following infrastructures:

  • IoT networks
  • Private and Public Cloud Infrastructure
  • Web gateways 
  • Web applications and 
  • Email communication channels 

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