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What Makes a Best-in-Class Managed Detection and Response Provider?

best in class mdr providerManaged Detection and Response (MDR) service providers refer to companies that offer turnkey threat detection and response tools to end-users or security teams through security operations center technologies. MDR services protect cloud-based infrastructure, IT networks, cyber-physical systems, apps, devices, and on-premise assets. The managed security service providers offer round-the-clock monitoring to ensure security incidents can be detected in real-time and mitigated quickly.

MDR not only protects businesses from delayed operations but can prevent breaches that affect customer data, employee records, and intellectual property.

A best-in-class MDR service should be able to provide end-to-end security across expansive networks. The attributes of best-in-class MDR services include:


Threat Detection and Investigation Capabilities

It takes the average organization 197 days to detect a breach. Threat detection and investigation capabilities focus on collecting security logs and analyzing the captured data to identify and understand security incidents. A leading MDR service should provide deep validation capabilities to ensure threats that may pass through preventative security controls are discovered and remediated.

The second part is the investigation capabilities. Managed security service providers prove their worth in their ability to perform forensic investigations. While endpoint detection and response services focus on the single entry points, MDR providers can often root out the sophisticated tactics and vulnerabilities to prevent future attacks on weak points in the network.

Datashield provides both of these components with our 24/7/365 ASOC facility and experienced security analysts.


Remote Incident Response Capabilities

The follow-up to detection is remediation. Often times IR appears as straightforward as a patch, blocking, or updating settings. But a premier MDR provider will go beyond alerting and provide deep insights into an attack.

Datashield’s analysts and threat content developers provide timely alerting and detailed remediation guidance.


Orchestration and Automation Capabilities

MDR services are expected to provide continuous monitoring on top of high-performing orchestration and automation capabilities. Security stacks that include SIEM and log ingestion require careful engineering and tuning to provide optimal alerting and automation.

Datashield leverages our proprietary SHIELDVision platform to provide leading orchestration capabilities. We scan across client environments to discover exploits in other client environments, providing essential preventative actions. Our security engineers can also coordinate cloud migration, tool installation, integrations, and advanced tuning to offer faster alerting and efficient automation.


Threat Intelligence and Analytics

An MDR service’s investigation capabilities are determined by the tools it applies to threat intelligence and analyzing the security logs, workloads, and data it collects.

Datashield has its own team of threat content developers, web developers, and experienced engineers to provide unparalleled expertise. We not only utilize the industry’s leading threat intelligence platforms but deliver personalized security recommendations through scheduled calls with a dedicated engagement manager.


Interrelated Response Services

Although detection and response are the primary functions of an MDR service, the service should also provide services like vulnerability management, security policy assessment, and compliance reporting. These capabilities ensure that the security foundations of an enterprise’s networks are configured to handle both known and unknown threats.


The Human Factor

Companies looking into MDR need to take a holistic view of their providers and their teams. Go beyond the technology they integrate with and the monthly contract costs.

Often times the least considered factor in the security provider selection process in the human element. While a leading security stack and good automation can take a company far, its differentiator is its team on the ground.

Datashield provides the experience needed to stand out from the crowd. We have leadership and management with decades of experience, stretching back to before MDR was even a term. Our approach to security is focused on a balance of people, processes, and technology.

Throughout the onboarding and day-to-day interactions with our clients, we are able to prove our worth to our clients in both statistics and satisfaction.



MDR services ensure small, medium, and large scale enterprises are in control of their security detection and response initiatives 24/7. Choosing the best fit for your organization involves understanding what capabilities your shortlisted MDRs bring to the table.


Did Datashield make the list? Need to learn more?

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