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Malwarebytes Overview


The ever-changing threat landscape that enterprise infrastructure endpoints face requires a comprehensive solution to discover, categorize, and respond to both old and new threats.

Malwarebytes delivers dynamic endpoint security to combat this. It provides the following features to discovering and responding to cyber threats:


Threat Intelligence

Malwarebytes leverages the cloud to provide a flexible and scalable platform that enables enterprises to understand the threats their endpoints face. Malwarebytes collects enterprise data and provides its user with a streamlined view of the detected threats and their sources. The endpoint security eliminates data complexities and delivers security reports through an interactive guided user interface.


Endpoint Detection and Response

Detecting threats is the first phase of delivering endpoint security, and a speedy response completes the cycle. Malwarebytes enables security teams to respond to threats in real-time due to the insight it provides into discovered threats. It accomplishes this through the automation of the remediation process. Malwarebytes also provides recovery support for the impacted endpoint, which ensures enterprises recover compromised data.


Adaptive Security

Today’s threats to endpoints are adaptive. Adaptive polymorphic threats can target endpoints and circumvent the security they come across with the intent to breach them. Malwarebytes integrates an adaptive cyber protection policy, which creates a flexible security framework custom-built for individual endpoints. The security framework leverages machine learning and heuristic detection capabilities to deliver adaptive security.


Overview of Malwarebytes Solutions

Malwarebytes offers diverse solutions for business enterprises and personal cybersecurity. These products cut across endpoint protection for servers, the cloud, teams, and incident response. Malwarebytes solutions include the following:


Malwarebytes Nebula

The Nebula is a cloud-hosted security platform that simplifies endpoint protection for enterprises with large IT architectures. The platform provides its user with an intuitive user-interface to handle detection and response initiatives. Malwarebytes Nebula leverages the cloud and comes with over a billion goodware comparisons, scalable real-time monitoring, and cloud sandbox investigations. The platform simplifies threat investigations through several features, which include the 1-click policy updates, custom reporting, and time-series data. These features make it possible to understand the lifecycle of a threat from its source to its impact on endpoints.


Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

This endpoint protection platform provides comprehensive security that ensures devices within or accessing enterprise networks are monitored and secure from external exploitations. The endpoint protection offers easy deployment and comes with the ability to detect the origin of an attack. Malwarebytes leverages the cloud for its solutions, and the endpoint protection platform is scalable, which ensures the security resources needed for expanding business needs are always available.


Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Servers

Successful server attacks are known to cripple business operations and lead to downtime that affects revenue generation. The critical information that passes through servers also makes protecting enterprise servers a priority for every organization. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Servers considers these challenges by providing accurate visualizations of every activity going through the servers. The software ensures that threats are detected in real-time, and that remediation also occurs in real-time. Endpoint protection for servers is a lightweight agent that doesn’t get in the way of the end-users work. Its simplified dashboard also ensures reporting and response processes are efficient.


Malwarebytes for Teams

Small businesses and growing startups generally struggle with meeting the cybersecurity needs of their growing businesses. This may be due to increasing cost or the complexities of the threats faced or limited experience with tackling cyber threats. Malwarebytes for Teams considers these challenges by providing a lightweight agent that comprehensively protects the different devices used for everyday operations. Malwarebytes for teams is scalable. Growing businesses can take advantage of this as well as its affordable pricing to protect their expanding IT infrastructure.


Malwarebytes Malware Removal

Actively responding to threats is what ensures enterprise endpoints stand firm amidst the changing cyber threat landscape. Malware removal is one way to respond to attacks and get infected endpoints online in record time. Malwarebytes Malware Removal takes an iterative approach to Malware removal by ensuring attacks are continuously discovered, isolated, and mitigated in real-time. This continuous approach ensures relentless attacks are dealt with immediately they occur without leaving loopholes for other adaptive threats to explore.


Malwarebytes for Home

Personal computers and devices used for business operations are also prone to attacks that target financial information and other sensitive data. Malwarebytes for Home can be viewed as a domestic detection and response solution for individual devices. The solution protects computers, smart devices, files, and the user’s privacy round the clock. It detects malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, which may come through emails, web applications, and browsers.

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