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Partner Digest: Week of 6/10/2020 - Tenable, CrowdStrike, Vulnerability Management

Partner Digest

Datashield Partner Digest for the Week of July 10, 2020 - Tenable Ranked #1 in Device Vulnerability Management 2019 Market Share, CrowdStrike Global Survey, Datashield's Vulnerability Management Brief.

At Datashield, we pride ourselves on partnerships and are always looking for way to highlight what's new in the industry and with our partners. This helps us bring out the latest and greatest trends and key features for the services we use to bring you the best in MDR service.

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Check out our latest partner updates:

Tenable Ranked #1 in Device Vulnerability Management 2019 Market Share

Tenable logo digest

Tenable's success is rooted in research and innovation and the IDC credits Tenable’s success in vulnerability management to a number of key elements, including:

  • Innovative passive monitoring with diverse set of data collection sensors
  • Broad visibility across a wide range of environments including IT, cloud and operational technology (OT)
  • World-class research that supports customers through threat intelligence, vulnerability detections and security alerts
  • Unique vantage point for OT environments
  • Ability to help customers quantify cyber risk, prioritize remediation decisions and benchmark against peers

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Global Survey: The Cybersecurity Reality of the COVID-19 Remote Workforce

Crowdstrike logo digest

For many organizations, the rapid transition to an entirely remote workforce due to shelter-in-place orders has brought on a slew of sudden and profound cybersecurity challenges.

On one hand, organizations need to secure corporate-supplied devices as well as personal devices as employees log in to corporate networks from home. On the other, adversaries have exponentially increased their efforts to prey on the public’s fear and disinformation during these troubling times.

However, as employees now operate from the confines of their homes, their exposure and awareness to cybersecurity threats often isn’t as clear as it once was in the confines of their seemingly more secure office spaces.

The current state of the workforce gives a false sense of security.

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Vulnerability Management Service Brief

Vulnerability Management is the process where identified IT vulnerabilities are evaluated. This evaluation leads to vulnerability scope and mitigation steps to reduce or eliminate the potential risk to the organization.

The Datashield Advantage

Core Competencies:

  • Vulnerability discovery, scanning, and analysis
  • Vulnerability lifecycle management
  • Deep enterprise discovery
  • Data-rich deliverables
  • SIEM integration.

Extensive Analysis:

  • Contextualized results relevant to the environment
  • Asset Criticality
  • Remediation recommendations

SIEM Integrations:

  • Improved SIEM context
  • Remediation through single pane of glass
  • Prioritize for patch management
  • Complex alerting correlation across network traffic

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Justin Bahr
Justin Bahr
Justin Bahr is one of Product Managers at Datashield focused on technology partnerships, analytics and business intelligence.

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