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Partner Digest: Week of 6/26/2020 - SentinelOne Analysis and Azure Infrastructure

Partner Digest

Datashield Partner Digest for the Week of June 26, 2020 - SentinelOne's Quick Guide to the Verizon Breach Report and ways to achieve cost savings and deliver efficiencies with Azure infrastructure.

At Datashield, we pride ourselves on partnerships and are always looking for way to highlight what's new in the industry and with our partners. This helps us bring out the latest and greatest trends and key features for the services we use to bring you the best in MDR service.

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The CISO’s Quick Guide to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

For the 13th consecutive year, Verizon has released its Data Breach Investigations Report, a comprehensive source of data breach-related information that offers invaluable insights to CISOs and CIOs. This year’s report was composed from data received from 81 organizations, including cybersecurity companies, law enforcement agencies, ISACs, CERTs, consulting firms and government agencies. It encompasses 157,525 reported incidents and 108,069 breaches. At 119 pages, there’s a lot to absorb. Here, we’ll detail the most important findings and provide our key recommendations to help inform your security operations.

Who Are Behind Most Cyber Attacks?

While insider attacks are certainly a thing (about 30% of the time, in fact) and may even be on the increase, by far the largest number of threats to your organization originate from external actors. The data for last year shows that 70% of breaches were from external actors. Only 1% involved multiple parties and again, a mere 1% were found to involve partner actions.

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Seven ways to achieve cost savings and deliver efficiencies with Azure infrastructure

The global health crisis has transformed the way we work and live. At Microsoft, we are committed to doing what we can to help our customers respond to the crisis and plan ahead for future success.

In the past couple of months, I have been learning from—and inspired by—IT leaders around the globe who have been quickly adjusting IT priorities to enable remote work, and optimize costs and efficiencies while investing in smart ways to prepare for recovery and future growth. To achieve these goals, many IT leaders are accelerating the adoption of cloud computing.

Achieve cost savings and deliver efficiencies with Azure infrastructure

Below are seven ways in which Azure infrastructure can help you today to improve cash flow, achieve cost savings, increase operational efficiencies, and unify security and management.

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Justin Bahr
Justin Bahr
Justin Bahr is one of Product Managers at Datashield focused on technology partnerships, analytics and business intelligence.

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