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RSA NetWitness Logs: Compliance, Reporting, and Automated Discovery

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Security monitoring and discovering cybersecurity incidents across expansive IT infrastructure requires an agile, modular, and scalable forensic tool. RSA Networks Logs offers these capabilities to IT security teams interested in streamlining the process of security monitoring. RSA Networks can be deployed across diverse enterprise infrastructure to deliver the following security features:


Compliance and Reporting

Integrating compliance and regulations into enterprise systems provides continuous real-time protection. NetWitness Logs offer prebuilt templates for SOX, PCI, HIPAA, NERC, and other compliance policies specific to regions, keeping to set rules with every transaction, collaboration, or operational process.

NetWitness Logs also provides security teams with a customizable reporting interface to simplify the process of securing enterprise systems. With this tool, security teams can customize reports to include their most important KPIs or use the custom-built reporting templates RSA NetWitness Logs have to offer.


Automated Logs Discovery

The option of automating the cybersecurity incident discovery process is one of the many features of a security monitoring tools SMEs look for. RSA's solution reduces the workload of cybersecurity teams and helps an understaffed department still meet their security needs. RSA NetWitness Logs makes use of automated heuristic parsing to provide security teams with access to essential data regarding threats or particular incidents.


Endpoint Visibility

Visibility into the diverse endpoints within an enterprise system enables accurate security monitoring, reporting, and risk mitigation activities. RSA Networks Logs provides visibility across complex endpoints inventories paired with Microsoft Windows Log forwarding and filtering capabilities. This feature ensures visibility into host configurations, end-user processes, and the context to endpoints. RSA Networks Logs simplifies the process of investigating threats, and its services come at an affordable price.


RSA NetWitness Logs Value-added Proposition

RSA NetWitness Logs are a cybersecurity monitoring and forensic tool, simplifying the task of managing security incidents for enterprises. It provides visibility features and discovery and reporting tools which provide value for the enterprise. Its most important value propositions include:

  • Speed and versatility when accessing data: RSA NetWitness supports the configuring and selective management of raw data. Security teams that apply a short-term retention process will have rapid access to the data needed to manage incidents. The choice of a long0term data retention configuration also comes with benefits such as indexed access, which will drive compliance and a cost-effective process to monitor IT infrastructure.
  • End-user behavior analytics: Insight into cybersecurity incidents and an understanding of the behavioral patterns of end-users help provide a buffer for mitigating advanced threats and lesser security incidents. RSA NetWitness Logs offers analytical capabilities for enterprises interested in identifying both known and unknown threats to understand their propagation and the attack process behind them. This understanding provides security teams with the knowledge needed to mitigate risks to customers and enterprise infrastructure.
  • Support for multi-cloud or complex systems: When monitoring expansive networks or IT environments, a flexible monitoring tool with the ability to cover every end is required. RSA NetWitness Logs provides these capabilities and ensures public, private, hybrid, or on-premise cloud solutions are monitored and protected from threats. RSA NetWitness Logs can be deployed across AWS, Office 365, Google Cloud, Salesforce, and other cloud-based services. 
  • Bandwidth management flexibility: Enterprises that struggle with bandwidth challenges can manage these challenges by specifying limitations to pull protocols for the types of logs collected. This option also extends to compresses and encrypted Log data that is generally processed using different tools within an expansive IT architecture.  

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