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RSA NetWitness Network: Visibility-driven Threat Defense

The sophisticated nature of today’s threat landscape and actors continue to wreak havoc on enterprise infrastructures. The lack of inadequate response from security teams is due to the dependency on parameter-based security solutions that are not agile enough to deal with sophisticated threats.

RSA NetWitness Network takes a data-driven approach to provide visibility into complex networks.

The platform captures network data and makes it visible for security teams to detect threats and develop comprehensive responses to mitigating the associated risks. To this end, RSA NetWitness Network enables the following:

  • Advanced Threat Defense 
  • Intuitive Investigation and Forensics 
  • Threat Hunting and Analytics 
  • Incident Response

Advanced Threat Defense

Integrating real-time behavior analytics into threat detection and defense strategies ensure threat agents are discovered in real-time. RSA NetWitness Network applies its patented detection technology to executing behavioral analytics in real-time, providing security teams with the data and visibility needed to manage investigations.


Intuitive Investigation and Forensics

The network data from packets provides insight into the threat sources, agents, capabilities, and behavioral patterns. RSA NetWitness Network provides security teams with the tools needed to execute accurate investigations and forensics across various network packets. With these tools, the tracks of threat agents are followed and analyzed to provide an agile protective measure against specific threats. RSA NetWitness Network applies contextual heuristics when analyzing network data. This approach makes investigations intuitive and reduces the number of false alerts.


Threat Hunting and Analytics

RSA NetWitness Networks provides content in Hunter Packets to enable security teams to hunt down threats directly. By using its hunting tools, trial by error initiatives are eliminated. The targeted approach RSA NetWitness Networks hunting tools reduce search fatigue, which generally leads to threat agents staying undiscovered by analysts. Security teams are provided with automated hunting and detection tools, simplifying the threat mitigation process.


Incident Response

The ability to provide a comprehensive response to threat incidents starts with having the tools that monitor networks round-the-clock and provides visibility into threats. The Comprehensive and Continuous Network Monitoring suite of tools within the RSA NetWitness Network provides continuous visibility. With these tools, security teams gain visibility into networks, monitor every data across complex virtual networks, and network packets from the cloud or hybrid infrastructure. Access to every network data then accelerates the detection and incident response process. Security teams can also take advantage of its automated response tools to respond to threats in real-time.


RSA NetWitness Network’s Value-Added Proposition

RSA NetWitness is renowned for its best-in-class solutions and received the Common Criteria Certification for product security. Organizations that choose RSA NetWitness Network to protect their enterprise networks receive:


A Scalable Platform – Agile and flexible network security solutions account for growing business needs by allowing scalable security. Enterprises can scale up their IT infrastructure without worrying about configuring new solutions to monitor networks and handle network security. 


Access to RSA NetWitness Platform - RSA NetWitness Network is an integral part of the NetWitness platform. Supporting tools enable end-to-end protection, device protection, support the use of log security events, and the integration of security policies across complex IT ecosystems. 


Ease of Use – Security tools simplify the process of threat detection and ensure security teams stay on their A-game without getting fatigued. RSA NetWitness Networks provide intuitive and automated tools to simplify the threat detection process. The provision of a visualization dashboard and the deep visibility into network packets also ensure detection and response processes can be initiated with ease. 


Did you know?

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