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RSA Security Products Overview

Advanced threat intelligence involves machine learning, data science, and behavioral analysis to discover cyber threats. RSA’s platform offers superior threat detection, flagging known and unknown cybersecurity incidents with high accuracy. These features and more is what RSA's Security Tools provides enterprises and security teams.

rsa overview

Threat Detection

The application of machine-learning techniques to detect threats supports a preventive approach to cybersecurity. With machine learning, the platform can identify known and previously unknown attacks, which may pass through other security frameworks. RSA delivers a comprehensive threat detection process that ensures security incidents can be predicted and managed before they can breach enterprise networks.


Integrated Risk Management

RSA enables enterprises to monitor varying dimensions of cybersecurity risks. Its risk management process involves providing in-depth visibility into threats through risk analytics. Security teams are provided with the insight needed to respond efficiently. RSA provides a best-in-class integrated risk management tool, which is why it is consistently a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report.


Fraud Prevention

The increase in targeted cyber-attacks seeking to access financial information means enterprises must have a fraud prevention solution. RSA NetWitness provides an excellent platform for preventing data breaches through phishing attacks, malware, and business email compromise strategies.


Threat Analytics

Discovering cybersecurity incidents or threats is just the first step in securing enterprise networks. The second step involves understanding the type of threats deployed against the network to forestall future occurrences. RSA leverages data science, including behavioral analytics. User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) help teams gain context on cyber-attacks, exploitable vulnerabilities, and other loopholes. Understanding the mindset of cybercriminals is one massive step in preventing data breaches, fraud, and security-related downtime.


Incidence Response

Once discovered, respond to threats in real-time with network visibility and orchestration tools. RSA orchestration tools also support the use of automation for incidence response, simplifying tasks for cybersecurity teams.


An Overview of RSA Security Solutions

RSA offers organizations a diverse toolset for protecting networks, devices, and other IT assets. Many of RSA’s solutions are featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant due to their ability to optimize security frameworks. These solutions include:

  • RSA Archer Suite
  • RSA NetWitness Platform 
  • RSA SecureID Suite 
  • RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite

RSA Archer Suite

RSA NetWitness positions the Archer Suite of tools as its platform for integrated risk management. To this end, Archer supports organizations with the task of implementing industry-standard compliance policies and processes to manage risk. The Archer suite captures data from across an organization’s entire IT architecture and runs risk analytics to discover and manage risks.

With the Archer Suite, enterprises can automate governance and compliance initiatives, easing the decision-making process for security teams and stakeholders. The ability to automate governance also simplifies the management of third-party applications used with an enterprise IT architecture.


RSA NetWitness Platform

The NetWitness Platform is RSA’s flagship product, offering threat analytics, detection, and response capabilities through an intuitive dashboard. The NetWitness Platform is a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for security information and event management (SIEM).

The platform provides a comprehensive security framework across physical, digital, and cloud-based assets.

The platform provides visibility into complex IT structures, ensuring unknown threats are discovered within these infrastructures and handled. The unified platform gives security teams an advantage when scrutinizing extensive IT infrastructure.


RSA SecureID Suite

SecureID secures IT infrastructures by mitigating identity theft, fraud, and maintaining in-house compliance policies. The suite does all this without impeding employees with approved IDs avoiding loss of productivity.

SecureID provides secure access to both on-premise and cloud-based assets. It integrates the use of multi-factor authentication and identity governance to keep these assets secure. SecureID also flags down unauthorized access, preventing security breaches from occurring.


RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite

Protecting end-users or customers who access an organization’s online platform from fraud and identity theft is the organization’s responsibility. The RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence suite protects the end-user and business from the negative impacts of security incidents. The suite delivers a high fraud detection rate through the detection of external threats. Once threats are detected, the solution also helps with responding and mitigating the associated risks.

The RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence suite leverages RSA’s eFraudNetwork, a database for fraud, to discover cybersecurity incidents. Fraud and risk intelligence tools ensure businesses can detect phishing attacks, account takeovers, and other cyber criminals’ techniques to access customer information. 

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