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SentinelOne: Single Agent Platform

sentinelone scalable

SentinelOne’s endpoint detection and response product is known as the Singularity Platform. It is a leading cloud endpoint protection platform (EPP) suitable for organizations small and large without compromising quality.



Their cloud-native solution is incredibly easy to scale from small to mid-market organizations to global enterprises while defending against a diverse array of attack methods.

Smaller organizations will benefit from the platform’s large array of actions available in-client, while larger organizations can set up vast automation and runbooks.

Their scalable platform allows Datashield to leverage automated, intelligence-driven threat hunting, internally developed threat detection content, and centralized reporting for all customers simultaneously, regardless of size.


Total Network Visibility

Consolidate data, access, control, and integrations in a single dashboard environment with SentinelOne’s endpoint protection platform. Singularity allows organizations to access back-end data across the organization through one solution, giving greater visibility of the network and assets with a real-time autonomous security layer.

The lightweight single agent enables action to be taken throughout the lifecycle of a threat.

Datashield has been able to help our clients provide clarity to their entire network. Our clients’ in-house security teams are able to take immediate action in real-time to remediate threats using Datashield’s advanced alerting and tuning within SentinelOne.



SentinelOne works with leading cloud security solutions like Google Chronicle, ExtraHop, and SHIELDVision to create a holistic security approach.

Additionally, SentinelOne integrates with leading threat intelligence, vulnerability management and email security tools to provide additional security.


Security & Compliance

The Singularity Platform has been tested rigorously against data security and compliance standards.

Their dedicated team of security and compliance engineers oversee SentinelOne’s information security program that includes network and application security, identity and access controls, change management, vulnerability management and third-party pentesting, log/event management, vendor risk management, physical security, governance and compliance, people/HR security, disaster recovery and a host of additional controls.

They currently use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for all customer data transfers. Customers can also choose to have their data encrypted at rest.

Their solution is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is independently audited using ISO 27001 and SOC 3 Type II Standards.

The company is also working on a FedRAMP compliance program with Moderate ATO.


The Datashield Difference

SentinelOne is just the first line of defense when protecting your organization’s endpoints. Datashield has helped our clients create leading cloud-native security architecture, perform advanced tool tuning, and deploy custom runbooks to help SentinelOne’s software run even better.

Powerful tools only work as well as the people wielding them. Datashield has a direct partnership with SentinelOne, unparalleled deployment process, and integration with our leading orchestration and automation tool SHIELDVision.

If your organization is considering implementing SentinelOne, make sure you partner with the best in managed security service providers. Datashield has been a part of the industry for over a decade and is still on the forefront of cybersecurity solutions.

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Cassidy Trowbridge
Cassidy Trowbridge
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