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Crowdstrike Falcon Insight

"...the first cloud-native endpoint protection platform built to stop breaches." -

Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response

Recognized as one of the most powerful and trusted names in the cybersecurity industry, the Crowdstrike Falcon platform delivers state-of-the-art endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities that give organizations complete security coverage and deep visibility into each and every network endpoint in real time. Such rich insight provided by Crowdstrike allows security personnel to automatically detect advanced threats and respond with the resources necessary to keep critical company assets protected at all times.

Whereas traditional EDR solutions rely on signature-based attacks (and therefore vulnerable to silent failure), Crowdstrike’s Falcon Insight EDR solution leverages real-time monitoring capabilities and behavioral analysis techniques to unearth malicious activity before it can compromise the network. In fact, Falcon Insight EDR module has been repeatedly noted by Gartner as being a leader in the endpoint protection space, both in terms of vision and ability to execute.

  • Next-gen Endpoint Protection
  • Falcon Platform Integration
  • Granular Endpoint Visibility
  • Ultra Low Performance Impact

Next-gen Endpoint Protection - Crowdstrike gives organizations the capability to detect fileless attacks and highly advanced threats without the need for constant updates or resource-sapping system scans

Falcon Platform Integration - Catering to the needs of virtually any organization, each Crowdstrike security module can work as a standalone security tool or as a part of the greater Crowdstrike Falcon platform suite

Granular Endpoint Visibility - Crowdstrike provides deep visibility into the usage data of each company endpoint, giving security teams copious and relevant data needed to quickly and confidently engage emerging threats.

Ultra Low Performance Impact - Crowdstrike’s endpoint agents are extremely lightweight and cause virtually zero impact on device performance, even while actively collecting data.

Crowdstrike Falcon Overview

Crowdstrike Falcon Insight
Serving as the core EDR module in the Crowdstrike Falcon platform, Falcon Insight provides supreme company endpoint protection by continuously monitoring endpoint activity to catch intelligent threats as they emerge. The event data pulled from company endpoints are then streamed to the Falcon platform where security teams can engage with the threat as well as hunt for new network threats with the necessary information.

Crowdstrike Falcon Prevent
Crowdstrike Falcon Prevent is a next-gen antivirus product designed specifically to fix efficiency gaps and security vulnerabilities inherent with legacy AV solutions as well as provide superior threat protection for critical company assets. Deployed in just minutes, Falcon Prevent has the ability to stop fileless malware threats, in-memory attacks, and other intelligent threats that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by other AV products.

Crowdstrike Falcon Device Control
Crowdstrike Falcon Device Control gives organizations complete visibility into and control over employee devices, allowing administrators to enforce proper usage and maintain peak security at all times. Serving as one of the cybersecurity industry’s only cloud-delivered device control and management solutions to date, Falcon Device Control allows security teams to effectively implement security policies as well as detect and monitor network endpoints to ensure no unauthorized devices can connect and/or pose a threat to sensitive company assets.


We Employ a Tool Agnostic Approach

We work with your organization whether your are evaluating your next security technology, trying to manage a newly purchased tool or upgrading legacy systems. We can help in any of these phases and can work with whatever tool you already have in place. Our proprietary orchestration tool SHIELDVision and our Threat Intelligence Feed work in concert with all security tools on the market.