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Damon Rudisill

Senior Security Engineer

Damon is a Senior Security Engineer at Datashield in Scottsdale, AZ

About Damon

Damon is the Lead Security Engineer for Datashield, working with our clients to manage, maintain, configure, and troubleshoot SIEM systems and security solutions.

Prior to joining Datashield in 2017, Damon worked for numerous notable companies over a nearly 20 year career, including GoDaddy, Expedia, and Raytheon Missile Systems, where he developed a wide-ranging skillset including Windows and Linux engineering, network security, managing enterprise systems, infrastructure monitoring solutions, project management, incident management,  business continuity and disaster recovery, and, perhaps most importantly, how to herd cats. In addition to his professional experience, Damon has a Master’s of Science in Information Management from Arizona State University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from West Virginia University, as well as multiple industry certifications.

Damon’s current focus is on process improvement and automation, as well as integrating new technologies into Datashield’s support offerings.

When he’s not at work, Damon enjoying playing multiple musical instruments, model making, role-playing games, and spending time with his wife and daughter.