We’re changing the economics
of cyber security

For about the cost of a senior security analyst, you can have DATASHIELD Security Appliance™ with DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™.

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Scalability, performance, customization, within your budget.

• Custom managed detection and response solutions
• World class advanced security operations center
• 24 X 7 X 365 threat detection, response and prevention

Introducing the next generation of affordable Managed Security Services and Technology

DATASHIELD Security Appliance™ with DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™

Built specifically to combat overwhelming resource and budget constraints that prevent companies from establishing suitable cyber security programs for their businesses.

While most conventional security solutions provide limited visibility and prevention capability, the DATASHIELD Appliance is equipped with:
Full Packet Capture
Log analysis
End-point detection
DATASHIELD’s proprietary SHIELDVISION software

The DATASHIELD Security Appliance is the answer to any threat landscape...

"Security Analytics, end-point detection and real time forensics preloaded on the box, with DATASHIELD’s Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC) monitoring 24x7x365... this is Enterprise level cyber security for a fraction of the cost.” –DATASHIELD Customer

The DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™ team manages your entire security posture 24 x 7 x 365 from our US-based Global Advanced Security Operations Center.

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