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Email Security

Your Email is a Target For Hackers

Email is the number one threat vector with over 50% of cyber attacks targeting this weakness. DATASHIELD defends your data with a suite of email security offerings.

Setup Your Email Armor.

Email security tools such as Mimecast and Proofpoint, provide a multi-layered inspection system that is effective against widely-used commodity attacks and customized, highly-targeted attacks—and can run from a single cloud service. Email security tools are recognized for combining internally-developed, third-party technologies with dozens of internal and external threat intelligence sources to maintain email service continuity.

Email Security Tools


Mimecast is a powerful email and web security management platform designed to protect companies and their employees from intelligent network threats, such as spear-phishing campaigns, ransomware, spoofed email attempts, and other serious attacks that may lead to a data breach. Because human error is traditionally one of a company’s greatest security vulnerabilities, Mimecast gives companies the tools they need to completely minimize employee missteps and avoid a business-critical meltdown.

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Proofpoint is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that provides deep security coverage for critical risk vectors such as email, social media, cloud applications, and mobile applications--allowing organizations and their end-users to efficiently block inbound threats and minimize the risk of damaging data loss across digital platforms.

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Cofense (Formerly PhishMe)

Cofense is an email security and phishing protection suite that combines security awareness training, employee-sourced threat data, advanced detection and response capabilities, and expert security intelligence into one platform to maximize the efficiency and protection of an organization’s overall email security efforts.

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Disruption to email flow can directly impact business operations and limit communication.

Cyber resilience means being at ease before, during, and after a cyber attack on your business. DATASHIELD delivers true defense against cyber attacks with a team of experts watching over your business using tomorrow’s email defense technology. Stop worrying and start defending.