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Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Traditional perimeter and anti-virus solutions are no longer sufficient for organizations looking to protect against cyberattacks. Advanced Persistent Threats (ATPs) are smarter and more resilient than ever before in penetrating and causing damage to an organization.

Endpoint detection and response solutions are defined as tools focused on detecting and investigating suspicious activities (and traces of such) other problems on hosts/endpoints.

Conventional tools are not able to provide visibility and context to defend against ATPs.

Today, leading endpoint platforms provide lightweight tools that detect, alert, isolate and eliminate intrusions. Platforms can reduce alert fatigue and integrate threat intelligence to remain resilient.

Leading endpoint platforms include RSA NetWitness, Carbon Black, and Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection to name a few.


Why Datashield EDR?

When you hire Datashield, our Endpoint Detection and Response services go beyond the installation of a tool and a discounted licensing fee. Our team provides careful implementation, expert setup, fine-tuning, and management.

Our clients streamline their security by bundling their email security, endpoint protection, and managed security services with us.

Our high-touch approach to EDR provides all the benefits of an endpoint platform with the added layer of human forensic investigation and analysis.

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How our EDR works

Tailored Approach

Datashield helps organizations utilize the endpoint platform that best fits their business.

Depending on your organization's size, business model, and regulatory environment, your endpoint solution must be tailored to your company.

Our team of experts is standing by to provide expertise and unbiased guidance on the best way to implement endpoint detection and response in your security architecture.

Skilled Setup & Management

Our team of experts fine-tunes endpoint software so that it works efficiently for your company.

Datashield can also create compliance reports required and make sure you have custom filtering and advanced threat blocking.

We understand that on top of the day-to-day operations, helping managing endpoint software in-step with our clients.

Threat Intelligence & Response

We use our automated and human intelligence sources to provide an additional layer of threat intelligence to our clients.

Our team of threat content developers and analysts provide greater context to threats and detailed steps to remediate them.

Our engagement team is also on standby to provide a high-touch experience to ensure our clients' concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

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