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ADT Cybersecurity is a premier Managed Detection and Response company, offering the next generation of cyber security services for Financial and Insurance companies.

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Financial institutions and insurance organizations maintain volumes of critical client data, which makes them prime targets for modern hackers. Recent legislation in New York State requires all banks, insurance companies and financial institutions to establish and maintain effective cybersecurity programs. Other states are sure to impose similar regulations, as the national legislative focus shifts towards protecting consumers, and ensuring the safety of critical personal and financial data. As a leader in the cybersecurity space, ADT Cybersecurity can help financial and insurance companies maintain regulation compliance, and establish effective cyber security defense strategies.

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We're changing the economics of cyber security.

ADT Cybersecurity Security Appliance™ with ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response™

For about the cost of a senior security analyst, you can have DADT Cybersecurity Security Appliance with ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response™.

Introducing the next generation of affordable Managed Security Services and Technology.

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ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response™ enables organizations to combat the modern cyber adversary and establish effective cyber security defenses.

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