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Our team of cybersecurity professionals is what sets as apart from the competition. The knowledge and experience our people bring, are what enable us to defend the largest organizations in the world.


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We have customers in nearly every industry and have long running history supporting mission critical assets for institutions in government, healthcare, energy, financial, legal and more.

Listed below are a few of the key industries we specialize in protecting from both a data sensitivity and a compliance standpoint.

Finance & Insurance

We're changing the economics of cybersecurity

Financial institutions and insurance organizations maintain volumes of critical client data—which makes them prime targets for modern hackers. Recent legislation in New York State requires all banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions to establish and maintain effective cybersecurity programs. Other states are sure to impose similar regulations, as the national legislative focus shifts towards protecting consumers and ensuring the safety of critical personal and financial data. As a leader in the cybersecurity space, DATASHIELD can help financial and insurance companies maintain regulation compliance and establish effective cyber security defense strategies.


Viruses don't belong in the healthcare industry

The healthcare sector ranked second in confirmed US data breaches in 2015 and placed within the top ten in 2016*. As the Healthcare industry continues to move towards digital adoption, widespread weaknesses in IT infrastructure, tighter medical industry regulations, and electronic medical record mismanagement create a perfect storm of opportunity for cyber criminals. These factors, along with budget and resource restrictions, leave many healthcare organizations ill-equipped to deal with sophisticated cyber-attacks. DataShield’s Managed Detection and Response™ services were built specifically to solve these types of business challenges, offering healthcare organizations 24x7x365 security posture management and real-time threat detection and response capabilities.

Energy / Utility

Power your business while we defend it

Today’s cybersecurity threats are well organized and often successful. One of the most common motivations for modern hackers is “organizational disruption” that causes service interruption, financial loss, and equipment damages. Given the critical nature of energy services for the public, the energy industry has become a leading target for disruption and damage related attacks. Constant demand for services, ever-changing regulations and equipment modernization challenges, places many security leaders in the energy industry in a difficult position. Simple prevention tools are not enough. DataShield can help reduce the complexity and cost of cyber security for energy companies by providing 24x7x365 threat monitoring and real-time threat detection and response capabilities.

Retail Sector

We stop cyber criminals from shoplifting your data

The retail industry records some of the highest numbers of confirmed hacking incidents every year. This is primarily because retail companies process information every day that is highly desirable for cyber criminals. And while the risk of primary network attacks may seem obvious, (like point-of-sale intrusions as a gateway for accessing credit card information), experts are finding much more elaborate cyber-attack strategies are being used on retail. In many recorded cases, cyber criminals used stolen credentials from a partner or vendor to access the retail company’s database. In fact, the 2016 Verizon Data BreachReport indicates that 97 percent of all point-of-sale breaches featured stolen credentials that leveraged a legitimate secondary partner access. Retail companies need more comprehensive detection and response capabilities to combat both primary attacks and secondary partner-related breaches. DataShield’sManaged Detection and Response services and technologies are designed for the sole purpose of combating even the most sophisticated cyber-attack strategy.


Defense attorneys need defending too

Law firm security teams are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to avoiding the unintended release of client and/or case information. Simple prevention tools are no longer sufficient. Attackers spend significant resources performing reconnaissance, which allows them to devise sophisticated ways to infiltrate and expose critical data. Recent data suggests that nearly 80 percent of enterprise-sized firms have been hacked. Working as a trusted partner, DataShield can help law firms combat advanced cyber-attacks that specifically target critical case information and sensitive client data.

This is just a sample of the industries we support. Our portfolio also includes customers in entertainment, gaming, manufacturing, media, software, online services, technology, transporation and more.

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