Advanced Cyber Security Solutions for mid-size and enterprise level companies across a wide range of industries.

The ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response™ service is for the sole purpose of helping organizations who struggle to deploy and manage an effective combination of expertise, and tools to detect any type of cyber threat.

Financial and Insurance

Financial institutions and insurance organizations maintain volumes of critical client data, which makes them prime targets for modern hackers...
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Health care

As the Healthcare industry continues to move towards digital adoption, widespread weaknesses in IT infrastructure, tighter medical industry regulations, and electronic medical record mismanagement create a perfect storm of opportunity for cyber criminals.   
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One of the most common motivations for modern hackers is “organizational disruption” that causes service interruption, financial loss and equipment damages. ADT Cybersecurity can help reduce the complexity and cost of cyber security for energy companies, by providing 24x7x365 threat monitoring and real-time threat detection and response capabilities.   
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The retail industry records some of the highest numbers of confirmed hacking incidents every year. ADT Cybersecurity’s Managed Detection and Response services and technologies are designed for the sole purpose of combating even the most sophisticated cyber-attack strategy.  
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Law Firm security teams are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to avoiding the unintended release of client and/or case information. Working as a trusted partner, ADT Cybersecurity can help law firms combat advanced cyber-attacks that specifically target critical case information and sensitive client data. 
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Industries Served

• Finance 

• Business Services 

• Bank/Credit Union 

• Non-Profit 

• Gaming 
• Manufacturing 

• Defense

• Utilities

• Government 
• IT Services

• Energy 

• Media

• Insurance

An Extension of your security team 

ADT Cybersecurity’s Managed Detection and Response™ service leverages people, process and technology to empower organizations with the next generation of Managed Security Services, providing Advanced Threat Detection in minutes… not months.

"There is a significant skills shortage in cybersecurity and organizations are finding it challenging to deal with advanced threats alone – an estimated 1.5M open cybersecurity jobs projected by 2020" - Gartner 2016

ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response™ enables organizations to combat the modern cyber adversary with effective cyber security defenses.

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