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Cyber Security for Financial Institutions

We're changing the economics of cyber security

Financial institutions remain one of the top targeted industries for cyber threats. From small credit unions to national banks, financial organizations must protect their business, employee, and customer data. Datashield understands the complexity that companies in finance face at all stages and sizes.

Avoid the loss of public trust

Financial services remain the least-trusted sector, as measured by the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer. Cyber security breaches for financial institutions can decrease trust in financial institutions and result in measurable losses for organizations. Our experts can alert our clients of breaches as well as actively hunting for new threats.

Legislation creating cyber security policies for financial institutions

Rarely a week passes without a cyber security attack affecting banks, lenders, and mortgage companies. As such, law is being written and drafted at the national, state, and local levels that increase cyber security compliance for financial institutions. More than 30 cybersecurity regulations were released in the United States since 2014, according to an industry report.

Savvy businesses in the finance industry are already adapting and strategizing to create resilient cyber security policies to stay ahead of the curve.

This complicated regulatory environment requires reconciling various tools and technologies within their compliance guidelines. Datashield's tool-agnostic approach helps us fit within different regulative environments, merging with existing tools to expand coverage.

Expanding digital services

As banks and lenders develop their use of online and mobile banking to remain competitive, their risk footprint grows significantly. Digital market research organization Juniper Research predicts over 3 billion people around the world will be banking on mobile by 2021 — quite a lure for hackers who target financial apps. Datashield's consultative strategy allows us to reduce risk and develop tailored security programs.

Your next steps

"Time is money" as they say, and in cyber security every second matters when there is a breach in an organization's security. Our team is standing by, ready to help you upgrade your cyber security strategy.

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