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Jimmy Treuting

President & General Manager of Datashield, an ADT company

About Jimmy

Throughout his distinguished career, Jimmy has built strong sales and marketing teams dedicated to serving the customer, His focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience aligns well with DATASHIELD's "high-touch" approach to cybersecurity solutions.

Prior to joining DATASHIELD, Treuting served as SVP Sales and Marketing at Netchex Online, a leading provider of cloud-based human resources and payroll solutions.

He has also held CEO positions with Verticalive, a technology startup company focused on developing and supporting a Microsoft Azure-based software accelerator framework; Dukky, LLC, a provider of integrated social media solutions and Strategic Consulting, LLC.

In addition to his previous roles, Treuting spent more than eight years with Verio and Nippon Telephone & Telegraph (NTT) where he was president of three divisions and was responsible for the profit and loss for several areas of the company. He was also Chairman and CEO of Communique, a regional Internet Service Provider that he managed from startup to sale.