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Offensive Security Engineer

🏢 Scottsdale, Arizona | Status: OPEN

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Offensive Security Engineer

Job Description:

DATASHIELD ADT is looking for a motivated individual to fill our offensive security engineering role. Candidates should have a red teaming background with first-hand pen-testing experience, understanding of threat detection practices, ability to stand up test environments (single VMs and full domain-based attacks) and write basic scripts. Prospective candidates should have excellent communication skills, work effectively in a team, and perform well in a rapidly paced environment.


  • Threat emulation and test environment setup/maintenance

  • Scripting for automation and custom alerts

  • Threat research and rule writing for various SIEM platforms.

  • Identifying gaps in log collection, signatures, and environment visibility.

  • Working with customer success team and engineering to improve detection capabilities.

  • Identifying advanced malicious activity that has evaded traditional security monitoring capability and write rules to detect the activity

  • Assist customers with custom requests for content to fulfill their security requirements.

Desired Background / Skillset:

  • Red team experience
  • Understanding and capable use of Linux-based environments
  • Scripting in various languages (Python, Lua, Bash, Powershell)
  • Must be able to stand up environments for testing latest CVEs and the latest techniques used by APTs, Malware, and Penetration Testers
  • Strong understanding of network principles and topology, network protocol behavior, security devices (IPS, IDS, Firewall, WAF).
  • Must have strong understanding of various ATPs and Tools, Tactics, and Procedures used by malicious actors and malware.
  • Must understand how to gather threat intelligence and identify IoCs for use in detection mechanisms at both the host and network level.

Recommended certifications: GIAC 400/500-level certifications (or industry equivalent).

Required experience (Minimum): 1-2 years of practical pen-testing experience, 3-4 years of direct involvement with offensive security.

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