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Software Development Team Lead

🏢 Scottsdale, Arizona | Status: OPEN

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Software Development Team Lead

Job Description:

DATASHIELD, an ADT company, is looking for a motivated individual to fill a software development lead role.  This individual must have a heavy interest in security and should be interested in helping build a security-focused software solution.  This individual must be prepared to lead team members, develop roadmaps, and share in coding responsibility.  It is a highly-technical position responsible for identifying solutions to complex problems and developing strategies for meeting project requirements. 

Primary Duties: 

  • Architectural design and input on product features and user experience
  • Docker
    • Archiving versions in a private Docker Container Registry.
    • Creating Dockerfiles used for deployments.
    • Writing scripts to build Docker images.
    • Writing scripts and docker-compose files to deploy Docker containers and stacks.
  • Deploying releases.
  • Writing Azure Pipelines to automate the testing, archiving and building of applications whenever a code change happens.
  • Creating and managing resources in Azure that the team needs to be successful.
  • Coding basic framework for new applications and then communicating requirements to fellow developers. 
  • Code reviews to ensure best practices are being followed and the application is performant and scalable.
  • Identifying bottle necks in the architecture and leading refactors/rewrites.
  • Being available as a resource to less experienced developers to help them solve an issue. 



Primary skills: 

  • Big data engineering
  • Architectural design
  • Code review and QA
  • Development leadership

Languages: Typescript, Python, Javascript

Other skills: Docker, Azure Pipeline, code security, understanding of security operations workflow and processes

Required experience (Minimum): 4-5 years of practical coding experience in a high-tempo development environment.  Preferred - past exposure to security development and security operations.

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