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Threat Content Engineer

🏢 Scottsdale, Arizona | Status: CLOSED

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Threat Content Engineer

Job Description:

The Threat Analyst position will be responsible for reviewing & understanding the customer security profile, critical assets and what security tools/devices are on their network. Using this information, the Threat Analyst will do active hunting for anomalies, vulnerabilities & potential/existing threats in the customer environment. This position will need to learn what the customer has, potential issues and work with the SOC to alert and with the threat content team to expand SHIELDVision alerts, content and/or reports. This position will be involved in all SEV/TIER 1 activities. Secondarily this role will assist the threat content team in training and mentorship of SOC analysts.


This position should find alerts or notification worthy items utilizing customer logs, packets, endpoints, intel & Customer Profiles/Asset Criticality and forward to the SOC staff for case creation and notification. The SOC will focus on threat hunting, IE the phishing campaigns and various other threats they search for while this position will be much more strategic.

Desired Background / Skillset:

  • Understand how threat attacks to clients’ systems can be applied, detected, and defended against through continuous learning and skills development
  • Continuously research and analyze the customers systems to ensure they maintain security in the face of new threats to, and changes in, the clients’ environments
  • Replicate sophisticated cyber-attacks to continuously test and improve the capability of the SOC teams
  • Work with SOC, Engineering, Threat Intel & Customers to ensure we are seeing the important and critical systems/data
  • Identify advanced malicious activity that has evaded traditional security monitoring capability
  • Support the SOC on high profile incidents to ensure the timely completion of all cyber investigations
  • Engagement with other SOC teams & senior management when confronted with potential security issues
  • Mentor and train junior SOC analysts in their responsibilities, processes, and skill sets
  • Provide feedback to runbook processes and procedure documentation
  • Conduct advanced research and mapping for internal networks directed toward baselining normal operation parameters
  • Identify gaps in log collection, signatures, and indicators of compromise (IOC) visibility. Then work with customer success team and engineering to improve detection capabilities
  • Provide training and education for SOC & Engineering team members
  • Write reports for technical and non-technical internal teams regarding hunting discoveries and suggested solutions in a way to help make a response more effective

Desired Education Level:

Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent Experience

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