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Justin Maya

Business Development Representative

About Justin

Justin is a Business Development Representative (BDR) at Datashield, focused on new client acquisition for ADT Cybersecurity.

Justin Maya brings 7 years of IT experience and knowledge with a deep understanding of the different IT security solutions in the market. The core belief that listening and understanding the need of each customer is to enhance and add value to the sales process.

Justin is driven to streamline business practices and processes using efficient and effective technology solutions. He has experience with SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, cloud-based solutions and other integrated applications. His diverse background allows businesses to easily customize and tailor Datashield's security solutions to the business, rather than the traditional model that dictates an organization to conform to the technology.

Justin is a married father of three and enjoys his kid’s athletic adventures throughout the week. His son is choosing the path to follow his dreams of being a football athlete. While Justin’s two older daughters travel all around the country playing club fast-pitch softball. Justin also owns a small officiating business, supplying sports officials to different sporting events. He stays busy officiating High School basketball, Volleyball, and club Softball.