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LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform

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End-to-End Threat Detection and Response

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform is a powerful suite of security intelligence tools that give companies immediate and detailed insight into the security of their network to ensure no serious threats to the business go unmitigated. Managed from a single, centralized user interface, LogRhythm NextGen SIEM allows security teams to easily automate time-consuming SOC tasks and create ultra-efficient workflows to maximize the speed, precision, and value of their overall security efforts.

  • Threat Lifecycle Management
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence
  • Smart Automation
  • Flexible and Scalable

Threat Lifecycle Management - LogRhythm NextGen SIEM intelligently catches threats regardless of where they are on the attack chain to minimize the risk of damaging setbacks.

Advanced Threat Intelligence - LogRhythm NextGen SIEM uses machine learning to rapidly detect and respond to advanced threats with precision.

Smart Automation - LogRhythm NextGen SIEM can automate an extensive range of critical SOC tasks, helping reduce the workloads of existing security staff without compromising security coverage.

Flexible and Scalable - Deployed individually or as a whole, all modules with the LogRhythm ecosystem can be configured to fit the needs of virtually any business--regardless of size or network distribution.

LogRhythm SIEM Solution Overview

LogRhythm Enterprise
LogRhythm Enterprise is a flexible array of SIEM components designed to meet the scalability and performance requirements of an organization. Within this unique architecture, Enterprise provides data collection, processing, and indexation capabilities, an AI engine to provide data analysis and contextualization capabilities, and a platform manager used to orchestrate incident response efforts and automate workflows.

LogRhythm XM
LogRhythm XM is a lightweight, pre-packaged version of LogRhythm Enterprise for smaller organizations who need an easier to manage and deploy network security system. XM provides security teams with the same powerful capabilities Enterprise offers--such as data collection and processing capabilities, an AI engine, and a platform management tool--which can be scaled upward to more robust configurations when the need emerges.

LogRhythm CloudAI
LogRhythm CloudAI is a cloud-based user and entity behavior analytics module that uses machine learning to detect advanced network threats in action. As CloudAI actively monitors the network across environments, devices, and user identities, it automatically recognizes high-risk behavior and will advance the threat to the appropriate security team for immediate investigation and remediation if necessary.

LogRhythm NetMon
LogRhythm NetMon is a network monitoring and forensics tool that gives security teams detailed insight into all network activity as well as provide the crucial details needed to support any incidence response and compliance audit efforts. NetMon uses deep packet inspection and advanced classification methods to automatically identify and categorize traffic from over 3,300 applications, helping accelerate the incident forensics process.

LogRhythm SysMon
Serving as a high-powered endpoint protection security tool, LogRhythm SysMon gives security analysts deep, detailed insight into all company endpoint usage across local and remote environments. SysMon automatically collects, logs, and correlates host activity data with additional network information to give security teams the visibility they need to quickly respond to threats as they emerge in real time.


We Employ a Tool Agnostic Approach

We work with your organization whether your are evaluating your next security technology, trying to manage a newly purchased tool or upgrading legacy systems. We can help in any of these phases and can work with whatever tool you already have in place. Our proprietary orchestration tool SHIELDVision and our Threat Intelligence Feed work in concert with all security tools on the market.