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Lucas Hooten

Security Engineer

Lucas is a Senior Security Engineer at Datashield in Scottsdale, AZ

About Lucas

As a Security Engineer with Datashield, Lucas works directly with the systems powering client SIEM security infrastructure. He has a special propensity for automation and development, looking for Pythonic ways to increase the value of existing technologies.

Lucas started his career with sales and business management inside companies including Google and ZTE. He would later focus on growing smaller companies including his time as Directory of Sales for GroovyTek – a startup launched to teach adults over 60 modern technology – and as Executive Vice President of Legal Technology Solutions – an awarded Managed Service Provider (MSP) serving the Greater Phoenix Area. As time progressed, Lucas recognized his overwhelming passion for Engineering and made the leap from business management to full-time engineering.

Lucas has worked directly with a long list of vendor technology platforms. He has extensive experience with Microsoft, Apple and Linux Systems in local, cloud, and hybrid-cloud server environments. Lucas also has experience with over twenty network and security vendors including Cylance, Cisco, Azure, RSA, TrendMicro, SonicWALL, Ubiquiti and SOPHOS.

Currently, Lucas’s focus is on process automation and new technology integration for increased environment visibility. Since leaving management, he has gone back to school to pursue his Masters of Cybersecurity from GCU. Personal projects for 2020 include growing a skillset of Python development and studying for Offensive Security’s OSCP Certification.

Outside of work Lucas is newly married with his wife Amanda. The live in Scottsdale and have no children, despite their parents repeated requests.