Why Managed Detection and Response? 

Combating the modern cyber adversary requires 24x7x365 continuous monitoring, active hunting, deep forensic analysis using cyber threat intel, and real-time threat detection.

DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response ™ services can protect your organization against cyber threats.

A trusted partner, reducing the complexity and cost of threat detection

DATASHIELD’s experienced cybersecurity professionals and advanced technologies work as an extension of your team, providing enterprise level security at a fraction of the price.

Simple Alerting is not enough…

The DATASHIELD MDR approach allows the customer to focus on validated threats only, (not numerous alerts), reducing the complexity of traditional threat detection.  Once a validated threat has been identified, a dedicated

DATASHIELD cyber security expert will validate the incident(s), provide context, and investigate to determine scope and severity.  This reduces lengthy hacker dwell times and allows for immediate containment and response.

Mid-market and enterprise level companies are prime targets for sophisticated attacks.  Traditional alert-based Log and Signature services/technologies are not enough.

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Having the right people, process and technology in place for detection and response is critical to minimizing the risk of a major breach


At the core of the DATASHIELD MDR service is our team of elite cyber security experts working at our US-based Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC). Operating as an extension of your security team, the ADT Cybersecurity ASOC professionals provide greater insight into all aspects of your security posture.

what is an asoc?


Active Hunting, Alert Management, Report Generation, Customer Environment Monitoring, Technology Management.  

Cyber Threat Intel (SHIELDVISION), manual intel analysis, automated real-time scanning and querying, past packet data analysis.  

Customer is notified of verified incidents only – receives scope and severity assessment and recommendations for quick containment and response.

DATASHIELD, an ADT Company, uses world-class, advanced threat detection technologies to facilitate real-time, comprehensive visibility into all aspects of your security posture.

DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™ notifies customers of verified incidents only and details scope and severity assessment and recommendations for quick containment and response.

DATASHIELD’s cyber security experts use logs, packet capture, end-point detection, and cyber threat intel to provide threat detection in minutes, not months. This includes the use of ADT Cybersecurity’s proprietary cyber threat intel (CTI) platform called SHIELDVISION™.

The DATASHIELD team uses SHIELDVISION™ to conduct automated network querying in real-time, as well as, deep forensic analysis into past-captured packet data. This binary approach of historical data analysis and go-forward scanning, helps close the gap between detection times and the remediation of a successful breach.

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DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™ enables organizations to combat the modern cyber adversary with effective cyber security defenses.

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