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The Datashield Advantage - RSA NetWitness

Datashield Advantage - RSA NW

The Datashield Advantage with RSA NetWitness

Datashield is offering a premier MDR service leveraging RSA Netwitness, what we call: The Datashield Advantage with RSA NetWitness.



Why the Datashield advantage?

Security services and security tools go hand-in-hand. The Datashield Advantage with RSA NetWitness showcases how our MDR service compliments one of the industry’s best tools for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Download now for the full story.


Industry Leading Technology Delivered as a Service

RSA NetWitness is the cornerstone of Datashield’s MDR Service. Datashield delivers 24x7x365 SOC services leveraging the RSA NetWitness Platform. RSA NetWitness has a unique competitive advantage over other detection and response technologies by providing analysts a single platform to aggregate and correlate a multitude of data types. The Datashield SOC powers the platform with industry-leading expertise in Analysis, Threat Hunting, Content Development, and Operational Management.


RSA Relationship

Partnerships matter. Datashield's roots stem from a joint investment from RSA and EMC. RSA and Datashield continue to actively strengthen partnerships in all facets of the business. All levels of leadership, sales, sales engineering, and support staff are actively engaged continuously driving the delivery of a world-class customer experience. This is not a background focus, but a daily effort led by both organizations to continuously improve.


Subject Matter Experts

Datashield manages the largest install base of NetWitness in the world. Our analysts, engineers, and threat intel teams possess a mastery level knowledge of the tool. We also enable our customers by conducting entry-level NetWitness training sessions for their security team. In addition to onsite training, ongoing remote sessions for customers to watch and learn from Datashield analysts are encouraged.


Detection Capabilities

Datashield has developed a proprietary threat hunting/intelligence platform focused on enhancing the detection capabilities of RSA Netwitness. Advanced anomaly behavior and IOC data are sourced from a multitude of threat intelligence sources. This data is carefully refined then developed into ShieldVision queries. These queries are used to continuously scan all Datashield’s customers simultaneously. Simply put, Datashield can apply the power of advanced hunting techniques offered by NetWitness to all customers on a 24x7 basis.


Netwitness Engineering Support

Datashield security engineers service health and wellness monitoring to ensure uptime, version upgrades, technical support, and data ingestion configuration for NetWitness. Our team handles operational management of the platform removing the time and resource constraints from our customers.


Mature Threat Intelligence Program

Datashield has a dedicated cyber threat intelligence team that specializes in threat research, intelligence collection, and content development. Leveraging deep expertise in data parsing, threat detection, and attack behavior, the Datashield CTI team develops and maintains an ever-expanding library of correlation and event-matching rules for both logs and packets. The CTI team also develops in-house threat intelligence, gathering information on not only external threats, but also vulnerabilities, potential misconfigurations, and critical assets, bringing this together within NetWitness to provide highly contextualized, actionable alerting that goes beyond the simple regurgitation of alerts from your devices.


Netwitness Content Enhancement

Datashield has a highly sophisticated content development program specifically designed to address custom parser, correlation rule, and reporting needs. Data stewardship is a vital part of the Datashield MDR program. Aligning the unique technical needs with the overlaying business risks for each customer is an essential part of the Datashield service. Capturing, parsing, alerting on, and correlating the right data is critical to the success of the customer’s security program.


Customer Engagement

Datashield dedicates resources across the organization to improving customer experience. Dedicated Engagement Managers drive the day-to-day tasks and deliver a multitude of reports targeted at improving overall security posture. Sales and Executive teams are actively involved in each account to continuously stay aligned with customer initiatives and provide advisory services on improving security programs. This ultimately leads to deriving as much value as possible out of NetWitness and ensuring the customer is leveraging their investment to its potential.


Not quite ready for a managed service provider?

With over half of global organizations reporting a security breach in 20211 it’s more important now than ever to start talking about security posture. Download the document for an in-depth look or chat with our team and let us help answer your MDR questions.


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