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The Packet Advantage

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MDR Service Guide

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Vulnerability Management as a Service Solution

The following is a downloadable document provided by Datashield, an ADT company, that looks at Vulnerability Management as a service solution. Learn how outsourcing your vulnerability management can bridge the gap between managing your security resources and time.   Click here to download the PDF   Why Outsource Vulnerability Management? Discovering where you’re most vulnerable is a security priority and likely already part of your overall program. The ability to continuously identify threats and monitor unexpected changes in your network before they turn into breaches is common practice. Compliance drivers also necessitate vulnerability scanning on a regular basis. For these reasons, you should invest in a vulnerability scanning solution that gives you immediate, global visibility into your assets and vulnerabilities. However, deploying the scanner rather it be physical or virtualized may be challenge in and of itself. Scheduling scans properly based on a set of proven processes requires a depth of expertise and experience you may not have available.   Solution Vulnerability Management as a Service provides you with a comprehensive service to identify, prioritize and respond to vulnerability exposure across your network. Security programs often have the challenge of talent and time shortages. DATASHIELD can help fill that gap. Our security staff will manage the process and help you ensure your security program is successful while saving you time and money.   Benefits Engagement management personnel to guide you through onboarding and reporting. Identify Identify assets & exposure through scanning across your environment regardless of location. Prioritize Add customer profile and critical asset context along with human and automated based intelligence to vulnerability reporting. Respond Our security experts will provide a report outlining vulnerabilities along with priorities of what to remediate first based on true exposure ultimately reducing risk to your organization.   Why Datashield Our team consists of world-class, highly experienced security personnel experienced in national security environments & Fortune 500 companies. Our staff is highly certified and trained in compliance & standards to help reduce your exposure. Our staff has performed thousands of forensic investigations and focuses on contextualizing your risk.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) vs Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The following document is downloadable as a PDF, provided by Datashield, an ADT company. Learn how Datashield provides Managed Detection & Response services to our clients and the difference between MSSP and MDR. Click Here to Download the PDF MSSP vs MDR In the new cyber landscape of “Security as a Service” many Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) claim that they can deliver Managed Detection and Response (MDR) type services. What is the difference? How can you ensure your organization is truly safe while managing your security tools effectively? Before we jump into the key differences between MSSP and MDR services, let’s first examine how they are the same. As Gartner puts it: “The overlap between managed security services and MDR is increasing, which is adding to the confusion in the market and making it difficult for buyers. MSS and MDR still have distinct characteristics that buyers need to understand.” Both provide 24x7x365 outsourced monitoring of security devices and systems. This also typically includes some level of event logging, compliance reporting, incident response support and containment.   Great...so how do they differ and which should you choose? As Anton Chuvakin Research VP and Analyst for Gartner summarizes: “…an MDR is simply an MSSP that knows how to detect actual threats...” What does this mean to your organization? It means with an MDR you will spend less time sifting through alerts and less money on the people, technology and time to do so. How can an MDR deliver on this promise? A true MDR has the technology, expertise and experience to provide a complete forensic investigation, only notify the customer when true events arise and help initiate an action plan with remediation recommendations if necessary.   Issues with MSSP Alerts No additional details included No indication the MSSP actually investigated the alert further than reading the initial alert No remediation assistance Alert prone – alerts client of any and all alerts regardless of false-positive finding   Datashield Advantage Forensic Investigation – Detailed investigation resulting in complete story of infection with forensic details. Provide Complete Investigation Story Write-up – We share the story of this infection with the Client. Notify Client (If Warranted) – Only warranted investigations are sent to the Client. Provide Remediation Recommendations – Every investigation includes an action plan of how to remediate the issue. Datashield MDR Lack of budget coupled with a shortage of resources makes it increasingly difficult to implement a security program capable of: Comprehensive 24x7x365 continuous monitoring Full network visibility beyond signatures and logs Real-time advanced threat detection using cyber threat intelligence Active Hunting Deep Forensic Analysis Datashield's Managed Detection and Response service operates as an extension of your security team, providing the required expertise and resources to identify even the most advanced threats. The Datashield approach allows the customer to focus on validated threats only, which reduces the complexity and cost of threat detection. Working in partnership with your business, Datashield will validate incidents, provide relevant context, investigate to determine scope and severity, and make recommendations for immediate containment and response.

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