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Datshield Overview

The following is a downloadable document of Datashield's solution overview. Learn how Datashield is helping organizations create and maintain a sophisticated security strategy that stays ahead of the curve. Click to download or click here. Invest in your defense In today’s cyber security landscape, email and traditional anti-virus tools are no longer sufficient for organizations looking to defend against advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks. Datashield helps organizations create and maintain a sophisticated security strategy through our tools, processes, and team of experts.   Our Solutions Managed Detection & Response A truly resilient security strategy relies on people and management just as much as its tools and processes. Datashield employs some of the brightest minds in cybersecurity to staff its US-based SOC 2 Type-II certified facility. The security team’s expertise differentiates Datashield from its competitors.   Endpoint Detection & Response Traditional anti-virus solutions are no longer sufficient for organizations looking to defend against sophisticated attacks. Datashield deploys, tunes, and monitors endpoint protection platforms to provide greater network visibility and advanced features in a single lightweight solution.   Email Management In today’s cybersecurity landscape, email security tools are just the first line of defense against sophisticated cyber-attacks. Datashield helps clients set up and manage email security solutions, tailored to an organization’s complex needs and compliance requirements.   Vulnerability Management Discovering security infrastructure weaknesses is a critical process that is often overlooked due to budget constraints and knowledge gap. Datashield is able to provide affordable vulnerability management as a service, identifying, prioritizing and responding to threats.   Hire the best Datashield has been a leader in managed detection and response for over a decade, now backed by ADT.   People We take pride in our talented team across all departments. Our executive leadership have been long-time innovators in the cybersecurity space and our analysts are some of the brightest minds in the industry. Processes Our commitment to clients is creating powerful solutions and efficient processes. We rely on our proprietary technology, disruptive approach, and over a decade of experience to deliver world-class results to our clients. Technology Between our orchestration tool SHIELDVision, advanced SOC, and ability to integrate with a variety of industry-leading tools, we have the hardware and the software to provide advanced protection.   About Datashield Founded in 2009 Datashield, an ADT company, is one of the most tenured cyber security firms in North America. Our company provides end-to-end cyber security resilience solutions. We take the time to get to know our clients’ business needs and deliver sophisticated, tailored security solutions. Datashield has the experience and resources to efficiently and effectively set up, configure and manage virtually any SIEM appliance, email security tool, or endpoint platform--all from our US-based SOC 2 Type II-certified facility. Our partnership with ADT’s Commercial Security Services allows us to integrate and provide network security and other perimeter services. Additionally, our vendor relationships allow us to provide a wide spread of tools and features at competitive pricing.

Vulnerability Management as a Service Solution

The following is a downloadable document provided by Datashield, an ADT company, that looks at Vulnerability Management as a service solution. Learn how outsourcing your vulnerability management can bridge the gap between managing your security resources and time.   Click here to download the PDF   Why Outsource Vulnerability Management? Discovering where you’re most vulnerable is a security priority and likely already part of your overall program. The ability to continuously identify threats and monitor unexpected changes in your network before they turn into breaches is common practice. Compliance drivers also necessitate vulnerability scanning on a regular basis. For these reasons, you should invest in a vulnerability scanning solution that gives you immediate, global visibility into your assets and vulnerabilities. However, deploying the scanner rather it be physical or virtualized may be challenge in and of itself. Scheduling scans properly based on a set of proven processes requires a depth of expertise and experience you may not have available.   Solution Vulnerability Management as a Service provides you with a comprehensive service to identify, prioritize and respond to vulnerability exposure across your network. Security programs often have the challenge of talent and time shortages. DATASHIELD can help fill that gap. Our security staff will manage the process and help you ensure your security program is successful while saving you time and money.   Benefits Engagement management personnel to guide you through onboarding and reporting. Identify Identify assets & exposure through scanning across your environment regardless of location. Prioritize Add customer profile and critical asset context along with human and automated based intelligence to vulnerability reporting. Respond Our security experts will provide a report outlining vulnerabilities along with priorities of what to remediate first based on true exposure ultimately reducing risk to your organization.   Why Datashield Our team consists of world-class, highly experienced security personnel experienced in national security environments & Fortune 500 companies. Our staff is highly certified and trained in compliance & standards to help reduce your exposure. Our staff has performed thousands of forensic investigations and focuses on contextualizing your risk.

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