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Vulnerability Management as a Service Solution

The following is a downloadable document provided by Datashield, an ADT company, that looks at Vulnerability Management as a service solution. Learn how outsourcing your vulnerability management can bridge the gap between managing your security resources and time.


FireShot Capture 015 -  - Click here to download the PDF


Why Outsource Vulnerability Management?

Discovering where you’re most vulnerable is a security priority and likely already part of your overall program. The ability to continuously identify threats and monitor unexpected changes in your network before they turn into breaches is common practice. Compliance drivers also necessitate vulnerability scanning on a regular basis. For these reasons, you should invest in a vulnerability scanning solution that gives you immediate, global visibility into your assets and vulnerabilities. However, deploying the scanner rather it be physical or virtualized may be challenge in and of itself. Scheduling scans properly based on a set of proven processes requires a depth of expertise and experience you may not have available.



Vulnerability Management as a Service provides you with a comprehensive service to identify, prioritize and respond to vulnerability exposure across your network. Security programs often have the challenge of talent and time shortages. DATASHIELD can help fill that gap. Our security staff will manage the process and help you ensure your security program is successful while saving you time and money.



Engagement management personnel to guide you through onboarding and reporting.


Identify assets & exposure through scanning across your environment regardless of location.


Add customer profile and critical asset context along with human and automated based intelligence to vulnerability reporting.


Our security experts will provide a report outlining vulnerabilities along with priorities of what to remediate first based on true exposure ultimately reducing risk to your organization.


Why Datashield

Our team consists of world-class, highly experienced security personnel experienced in national security environments & Fortune 500 companies. Our staff is highly certified and trained in compliance & standards to help reduce your exposure. Our staff has performed thousands of forensic investigations and focuses on contextualizing your risk.

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