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Send Datashield qualified* client leads and receive $200! Plus be entered to win $2,500 for first place for the most leads sent resulting in qualifying recurring monthly revenue before August 31, 2020.

How it Works

  1. When consulting with a client, make sure to ask them about their cybersecurity posture. This can include pain points, needs, and current tools and services.
  2. If they are a good fit for our organization, mention Datashield.
  3. Fill out our form on our secure deal registration page.
  4. Dependent on closing, the top 3 sales reps with the most RMR** will win cash prizes!

*Qualified opportunities include companies that are interested in moving forward with the discussion of utilizing DATASHIELD’s services and have the following criteria qualified: 1.) Good contact on cybersecurity side of business (DM or role with input) 2.) Shopping for managed security services 3.) Considering solutions (within 9 months)

**RMR = Recurring Monthly Revenue, means the lead will have to close. Reps will hold a call to introduce a Datashield representative to the client. Once the deal closes, a calculation of RMR from the deal will be counted on the leader board. Minimum $10K RMR for First Place, minimum $5,000 RMR for Second Place, minimum $2,500 RMR for Third Place.

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For any questions regarding the competition, reach out to Channel Sales Manager German Sanchez at 1-866-428-4567.

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