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A Network Operations Center, also known as a network management center, is a centralized facility where IT technicians can monitor and maintain clients' networks.

ADT Cybersecurity helps optimize security programs, interactive remote video, and custom-designed monitoring applications.

Our partnership includes two Network Operations Centers (NOC) in Newark, DE and Greensboro, NC. Both locations can design, install, and manage your security application IT network and broadband connections.

Their professionals hold certifications in Cisco and Meraki, with advanced knowledge in building and implementing an integrated security solution.

Managed services include:

Equipment testing

ADT Commercial can perform checks of IP-enabled devices on a network such as cameras, DVRs, NVRs, hard drives, sensors, card readers, and intercoms.

Fast and accurate repairs

If operational issues are discovered on equipment, ADT can dispatch technicians to investigate and perform repairs.

Keeping you connected

ADT's team monitors point-to-point tunnel, local site connectivity, and network up/down status.

Immediate alerts

Notifications will come to you via email or voicemail when potential problems or a data breach attempt occur

Protection & Disaster Recovery Protocols

ADT's firewalls and security protocols help keep your data secure. You will have access to the latest firewall and anti-virus software. ADT monitors for new releases and patches, automatically installing them. They also provide comprehensive disaster recovery protocols.

Monitoring Applications

ADT Commercial provides remote video, alarm, and custom-designed solutions to help take the worry and stress out of staying connected.

Video alarm verification

Reduce false alarm fees, unnecessary police dispatches, and provide more information on actual security breaches in progress. Video is sent to ADT's central station when an on-site event takes place, sending you the same video to help you make informed decisions about dispatch.

Video assistance

Remote look-in capability and two-way audio allow ADT to provide a more safe and secure environment for employees.

  • Video escorts: Monitoring processionals help watch over employees who may be in facilities alone during open/closing.
  • Video guard tours: Reduce manned guard expenses with remote video tours.
  • Advanced video analytics: We can assist with distinguishing between humans and other activities to ensure proper responses.
  • Managed or hosted access control: Lower costs by eliminating the need for dedicated computers, databases, backup, or niche software to secure your facilities. ADT can handle daily administration, or organizations can manage the system via a secure online portal.
  • Critical condition monitoring: Keep premises operational while protecting employees and equipment with monitored sensor protection against levels of water, smoke, carbon dioxide, out-of-range temperatures, electric, and other conditions.
  • Monitoring of access control system events: Detect activities like "tailgating," expired credentials, or forced-open door situations.

Streamline your security and leave the daily administration to ADT.

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