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Cyber Security Experts

Our team of cybersecurity professionals is what sets as apart from the competition. The knowledge and experience our people bring, are what enable us to defend the largest organizations in the world.



At the heart of our service is our team of cybersecurity experts.  We hire and develop the most specialized staff of security professionals, so our customers don’t have to.  Rather it be our Security Operations group, the Engineering & Development team or our support staff; we pick the people with not only security in mind, but also those with the capacity for creativity within the scope of an ever-changing technology landscape.  The through line across our entire organization is a culture of collaboration that is designed to provide a high-touch level of service to our customers.

Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC)

At the core of our solution are the individuals that reside in our Security Operations Center.  With hire, train and retain L1, L2 and L3 Analysts with backgrounds in the United States Government’s three letter agencies and large US based companies that require top security professionals.  Our analysts work in concert with our Threat Intelligence Team, which includes Content Engineers and Threat Hunters, to provide our customers with a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

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Engineering & Development

Our security engineers and developers provide the all-important layer of integration for our customers.  Rather it is support via our automated customer portal, mobile app or custom integrations between applications; our E&D team is the glue that keeps our customers connected to our service.  Our Security Engineers service our customers by helping them configure, tune and fix problems with their solution and our Development team drives our core technology platform SHIELDVision.  SHIELDVision is a best-in-breed orchestration tool that allows us to leverage our entire customer base for faster response and more proactive approach to cybersecurity.

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Customer Success

A world-class customer experience is a core focus for our entire organization.  This is where our Program Management Office and Account Directors play a huge part in our success.  We have a diverse national team of professionals with decades of experience servicing enterprise and mid-market customers in the security and information technology space.  Smooth customer on-boarding, outreach, reporting and proper documentation are all at the forefront of what our team does day in and day out.

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Industries We Protect

At DATASHIELD, we defend a diverse range of industries and companies of varying size and complexity.  This includes such sectors as healthcare, energy, legal, finance, insurance and retail.  We understand the specific information security requirements for each one of these industries and more.  We know how to implement a security protocol that keeps you compliant.


About Us: Company Review

We have been performing complex forensic cybersecurity services before the term MDR was fashionable.  With over 10 years in the industry, we are among only a handful of Managed Security Providers that can provide true MDR services.  Learn more about how we arrived at where we are today.


Meet Our Team

Vet our seasoned leadership team and see who is manning the ship and keeping, high-touch, highly specialized security services at the forefront of our strategic vision.  Everyone from our executive team to our newest hire is focused on world-class security services and best-in-breed Managed Detection and Response.


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