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Our podcasts are part of our knowledge-share initiative which covers cybersecurity news and updates along with other relevant topics with a fun twist

THTS Episode 7: Reading Sales Emails

Listen Now The Insight Partners acquisition of Recorded Future for $780 Million plus Digital Shadows research uncovers over 2.3 billion files exposed across misconfigured online file storage technologies.

THTS Episode 5: Cloning a Top Security Analyst

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THTS Episode 4: Ranking Hacking Movies

Listen Now   Episode 4 Discusses: The Trend Micro Hack & Symantec Denies Claims of “Fxmsp” Breach plus ranking the best and worst hacking movies of all time. Including discussion of the following films: The Matrix (1999), Hackers (1995), WarGames (1983), Swordfish (2001), Ghost in the Shell (1996), Live Free or Die Hard (2007), Blackhat (2015), AntiTrust (2001), Johnny Mneomic (1995), The Net (1995).

THTS Episode 3: The Packet Advantage

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    THTS Episode 19: The Hash-Time Show on Quarantine

    Listen Now The first all remote Hash-Time show due to the Coronavirus COVID-19. On top of discussing the new remote work challenges the hosts also cov...

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    THTS Episode 18: A Look Back at InfoSec in 2019 and Predictions for 2020

    Listen Now The Hash-Time Show Hosts (Chris, Dave & Jeff) take a look back at InfoSec in 2019 and make predictions for Cybersecurity in 2020.  Topics i...

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    Hash-Time Breakdown: Cyber Security Solution Scoping

    Listen Now   This Hash-Time Breakdown focuses on cyber security solution scoping, specifically, when deciding if you need a Security Information and E...

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