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THTS Episode 4: Ranking Hacking Movies

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Episode 4 Discusses: The Trend Micro Hack & Symantec Denies Claims of “Fxmsp” Breach plus ranking the best and worst hacking movies of all time. Including discussion of the following films: The Matrix (1999), Hackers (1995), WarGames (1983), Swordfish (2001), Ghost in the Shell (1996), Live Free or Die Hard (2007), Blackhat (2015), AntiTrust (2001), Johnny Mneomic (1995), The Net (1995).

News Headlines

Trend Micro Admits it Was Hacked, Symantec Denies Claims of “Fxmsp” Breach

Source: https://www.cbronline.com/news/trend-micro-symantec-fxmsp

Hashing it Out - Raking the Top Hacking Movies

WarGames [1983]

Rotten Tomatoes: 93% | Metacritic: 77% | Box office: $79.6M

Sneakers [1992]

Rotten Tomatoes: 78% | Metacritic: N/A | Box Office: $105.2M

Hackers [1995]

Rotten Tomatoes: 33% | Metacritic: 46% | Box Office: $7.5M

Johnny Mneomic [1995]

Rotten Tomatoes: 13% | Metacritic: N/A | Box Office: $52.4M

The Net [1995]

Rotten Tomatoes: 38% | Metacritic: 51% | Box Office: $110.6M

Podcast Transcript

Intro Snippet

Um..Simatech…Keanu Reeves is the best hacker of all time… Is that how you say that, Simatech?

Intro VO

Welcome to the Hash-Time Show your weekly source for cyber news and info. This is episode number four. On today's show Dave, Chris and Jeff discuss the Trend Micro hack and rank the top hacking movies of all time.


Alright guys, welcome back to the show you've tuned into The Hash-Time Show we're on episode number four.  My name is Chris Vincent and I'm one of your hosts. Today we have Dave Norlin and Jeff Marshall with me once again. Guys we made it to week four this is a legitimate thing.

But is it?

It’s a thing

It’s definitely a thing.

Do anything four times in a row and it’s a thing.

Chris - It's a thing, a habit right, but I think that’s 12 times to make it a habit.  So anyways thanks for tuning in guys on today's show we're gonna do things a little bit different. This is your source for weekly cybersecurity news, but we want to have fun and we wanted to go in and look at some of the best and worst hacking movies of all time.


For now though, we did want to jump in first and hit our news section because we had some breaking news this week.  We want to talk about the Trend Micro hack so let me read this headline.

Headline #1 - Trend Micro Admits it Was Hacked, Symantec Denies Claims of “Fxmsp” Breach

Source: https://www.cbronline.com/news/trend-micro-symantec-fxmsp

Trend Micro admits it was hacked, simatech denies…Is that how you say that? Simatech?...Symantec


Dave  That’s probably our B Reel, that’s definitely what we put at the beginning of the show…



I'm leaving this in…

Whats Simatech say Chris?

Chris: I’m leaving this in I’ll just look dumb I don't care. Symantec denies claim of Fxmsp breach, so that's the headline then we… I stumbled through the quote is…

Article Quote

“Trend Micro today admitted it had suffered “unauthorized access to a single testing lab network by a third party”. The comment came after New York-based threat intelligence company Advanced Intelligence (AdvIntel) claimed three cybersecurity companies had been penetrated by a Russian hacker group dubbed Fxmsp.”

Trend Micro totally admitted it had suffered unauthorized access to a single testing lab network by a third party. The comment came after New York-based threat intelligence company Advanced Intelligence…

[laughter in the background]

Dave: Keep going you’re doing great man.

Chris: Cyber security companies have been penetrated by a Russian hacker group dubbed FXMSP… so we're gonna have a silly news segment week.

[Sarcastic Claps]

Chris:  Guys so alright, all kidding aside, all my lack of being able to pronounce names of companies aside… so Trend Micro they’re a security company right guys?

Yeah one of the big ones

Are they?


And they were hacked, so tell me about it guys fill me in.

Dave: Ok so first day they were hacked I believe they initially denied it. The messaging was that there was no customer data that was lost. Then as time went on I think there started to be a little more transparency at least on their part maybe you know I'm not gonna speak to whatever their internal incident response procedures are like, I'm sure they're doing the best they can, but it appears that there was some data leakage or data exfiltration on the order of I've seen 40 terabytes which seems quite enormous to me.  This was apparently out of one of their lab environments. Apparently what's been leaked and what the actor has shown as proof consists of stolen development documentation.  I'm reading from a Gizmodo article; an artificial intelligence model and an anti-virus software base code.  This was posted to a forum apparently a Russian-speaking forum or something to that to that effect. So it's a pretty significant leakage of data I would say.

Jeff: Yeah on Bleeping Computer they actually have a chat log posted where people are asking the price and who and they claim McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro but I haven't seen much on the McAfee side…

Dave: And this is apparently for sale for $300,000 dollars

Chris: So it was almost like a ransomware thing


Dave: Really not a steep price to pay if you're a national actor working on behalf some kind of intelligence agency that wants to get a hold of something that is probably used in thousands of different companies so…

Jeff: They claim there are source code samples and video recording from the assets.

Dave: So I think we're gonna be talking about this for a long time, this sounds to me like the final word on this is not out. Again on this Gizmodo article there are several updates you know in the past couple days, so there will probably be some kind of debrief on this and it could be a significant event for that company.

Chris: Dave you brought this up to me this week and said we got to talk about Trend Micro this week.  I went and did a quick search and I found this infographic on CBR online which is a big media syndication source and this is kind of their repost from Advanced Intel this is where they're going. Of course you have the gray, white and blue hoodies which I find to be interesting. the FXMSP syndicate structures and operations you have sort of these proxy sellers down here. So are they just trying to kind of show us like what the black market is looking like for this kind of data and this kind of breach.  Is that what this is saying?

Dave: Yeah I mean it's kind of a model of selling the data that they've been able to get their hands on. I think they're implying that some of these bigger APTs are going to try to go after this data. I don't know how they're making these conclusions, but yeah I mean the stuff that is leaked is inevitably going to find its way into various exploit campaigns. We saw that with the NSA Eternalblue Leak. That stuff is always weaponized and as soon as it's available, as soon as it hits the black market you will see those kinds of exploits integrated into these large-scale campaigns. So like I said, I think there's gonna be a larger report a larger post-mortem on this and the days to come or weeks to come you know it's all about when they want to disclose this information. Probably the sooner the better I would hope.

Jeff: Yeah I mean those those companies are three big companies they make a lot of security products so the question is what is included in there, what products. I find this statistic interesting, but at the RSA Conference we were talking a lot about AV vendors and different endpoint vendors. Did you know there's over a hundred and twenty six endpoint vendors right now for various different things.

EDR Tools

Jeff: Yeah for kind of that edge of EDR you know like Cylance. You know the real question is around AV and when does AV die? Everybody's on next-gen AV, so it's it's definitely interesting and we'll see how it all plays out

Dave: The thing that boggles my mind is they are saying, I'll correct my earlier statement, they are saying 30 terabytes which still is it just a gigantic amount of data that had to have been obtained over long period of time. You would think the people would noticed 30TB of data leaving...

Jeff: Thats probably just virus samples

Yeah could be

Virus total downloaded

Yeh they did say this is a lab environment so maybe that that's the case but it's pretty incredible.

Well perfect anything else to add guys?

Dave: I just hope we hear some kind of definitive disclosure from Trend Micro going forward because people use their products. Would be good to to know what's expected for people that are actively using it and do they need to do anything, are they releasing some kind of patch or some kind of fix, some kind of release to keep people in the loop as a vendor I think they have that responsibility.

Chris: Perfect and I'll call my buddy over a Simatech.


Get Simatech in here!

Yeah it's one of those words you don't say that much and when you do you fumble, well at least I do. All right guys alright so that kind of covers the Trend Micro hack.

Hashing it Out - Raking the Top Hacking Movies

Let's pop into our next segment of the week we're gonna hash it out and we're gonna rank your top hacking movies. So I'm glad we have that fun little discussion to get us light-hearted about this. So Jeff, Dave you guys know, for listeners out there we had this idea, and we tasked ourselves to present our top 5 hacking movies. We had some overlap and actually Jeff gave us six so he didn't follow directions very well but...

Jeff:  I'll explain why but there's there's perfect good reason for that.

So what we want to do, rather than go into detail on who did what, let's go through item by item here we're gonna run through the top 11 we created cumulatively. We're gonna talk about them from release date order going back to 1983 and we're gonna talk about the top 11 we had and then maybe we'll rank by the end guys what do you think?

Jeff and Dave: Sounds good

#1 - WarGames [1983]

Rotten Tomatoes: 93% | Metacritic: 77% | Box office: $79.6M

Alright cool, number one 1983's WarGames starring Matthew Broderick and it has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93 percent Metacritic of seventy-seven percent and made seventy nine point six million at the box office we've all seen this right


Great movie

Its a classic

Amazing movie for those who haven't seen it it's probably one of the most realistic as far as like hacking movies on the list right would you guys agree?

Dave yeah we've got a pretty crazy range of everything from cyberpunk to borderline science fiction on here I would say we really WarGames is probably the most plausible because of the era you know it's kind of a period piece at this point it would exist it in a time where computer security was...

Are you saying the matrix is not real Dave?

Woah hold on, spoiler alert to the list Jeff!

Dave: Depends on who you ask but yeah WarGames it has this air of plausibility to it, or you can imagine some kind of teenage kid, really smart you know manages to find the right node and hacks into it and then creates this crazy set of circumstances. I would also like to point out that this is in 1983 and I'm going to pull my history card here and say that the same year there was an Exercise called Reforger in Germany, that almost started World War III. Coincidentally this was in the same year, so I got like the added plausibility to it.

So in the time when it came out if you're in that space it probably was like 'whoa' because obviously they filmed it a few years or a year before.

Dave: Yeah so Reforger, for those who don't know, and probably a lot of people don't know, it was a nuclear exercise undertaken by NATO and it spooked the Russians because the Russians thought NATO was preparing for a nuclear strike. So this is kind of the same scenario but in a fictional setting so it's pretty interesting,

Chris: Interesting, I had never seen this movie until you guys brought it up and I went and watched it because I'm a huge Ferris Bueller's Day Off fan. This is around same era, I think this is Matthew Broderick's movie before that. And he totally passes as a high school kind of tech kind of hacker type character. That's my thing with some of these movies is I need to buy the super genius you know otherwise it kind of it falls flat on its face. But I mean the movie was great and when you're looking at the hardware they're using it's all plausible for the time period right. There's no magic that's going on.

Dave: Also the moment it left my mouth I realized it was the wrong exercise, it was Able Archer not Reforger - yeah that was the exercise

Back in 83?

Dave: Yeah so Reforger  was a yearly exercise and Able Archer was the one in 1983 that spooked the Russians. There's movies about it you can look it up.

Chris: Okay very cool, so real quick before we leave this one, I know we're having fun today but I want to bring it into context. Are we doing spoilers on the movies from the list? You know that movie is from 25 plus years ago so we're gonna do spoilers right.

This isn't Endgame Spoiler Cast

So spoiler alert, he's able to hack into a supercomputer because he social engineers his way in. He does some research on the developer and talks to some guys that are developers on infrastructure and they say 'usually these developers leave a back door, find everything out about him you can from the public information available' he finds out the guy had a son lost in a car accident, that son was the password to get in the back door to the mainframe right. How much do we see this in the real world? This type of thing where it's as simple as that people would give him aback door of an application wall.

Dave: Yeah I mean it's kind of a metaphor for bad security practices and it's also plausible in that regard.

Jeff: So I have an interesting story on that one so I went to a conference one time and it was a non security conference but it was more of a privacy conference. In the booth area they had a safe and in this safe they had an iPad or something they were giving away. I went up to the safe and I immediately did the thing that I always do and just mash things right. So I mashed pound four times and the safe pops open. These guys freaked out yeah basically I reset the code and so the guy put it back in and said hey if you come back later at the end of the conference, over the next few days then I'll give it to you, but we have nothing to show at our booth if I don't do this. So I agreed and then I said, 'I want to figure out what the actual code was,' so I started talking to the marketing guys there you know figuring out who they were, LinkedIn-ing, sure enough it was the marketing manager's birthday and I got into the safe anyway.

Chris: So there you go, you're Matthew Broderick - you know circa 2000 whenever you went to that conference.

Dave: There is also that physical security bit in there where he takes the I forget what exactly, the tone out of the keypad and is able to replay it back in unlocks himself out of the holding cell.

Chris: Oh yeah also do that in Hackers later in the list, oh spoiler

Ruined another movie

Sorry yeah he does do the tone from the security door right, a little social engineering with that, that's a good point. I forgot about that part. Alright cool, but quick before we leave that movie. I watched it this weekend and there's a part where they go to the island where developer lives you know. And  there's a dinosaur he's flying, and I'm  'Is this taking some kind of weird prehistoric or some kind of futuristic turn?' what's going on, that was a weird part of the movie

It is a weird part

Like for no reason he has dinosaur collection, he has a remote control one. It was never explained.

Why not?


It must have been a little sub-plot they cut out or something.

#2 - Sneakers [1992]

Rotten Tomatoes: 78% | Metacritic: N/A | Box Office: $105.2M

Alright number two Sneakers 1992 78% Rotten Tomatoes, not not available on Metacritic but made 105 point two million at the box office so Jeff this was your late addition...

Jeff: I would argue that this is a cult classic...if I didn't put this on there I would probably be yelled at by somebody in the cyber security community or one of my employees and...

Dave: And I'm just gonna get yelled at anyways because I haven't seen it yeah,

Chris:- I dont even know so let's let's watch the trailer because...

Jeff: My argument is that this is the most plausible

Chris: okay let's watch the trailer alright for those listening we're gonna watch the trailer on the big screen here in the conference room so let's back up a little bit


Oh my goodness

Great movie

Dave: from the director of Field of Dreams... if someone doesn't walking up a corn field in this movie I'm gonna be really disappointed...


Chris: YeahI don't know if anyone is walking out of a corn field so... alright Jeff this movie's amazing is what you're saying?

Jeff: Oh yeah, you guys if you have not seen this, go watch sneakers, fantastic movie. You know they're essentially trying to find a black box for these guys who claim they're NSA but they're like rogue agents and you know it's all plausible stuff.

Dave: It's got a very Ocean's Eleven feel. I feel like the producers of Ocean's Eleven, the George Clooney version, watched this before they rebooted it.

Chris: Probably, it's in that same vein. All right cool well since Jeff you're the only one who has seen it, we've got nothing more to make fun of in that movie. We will have to wait until we've seen it and do part two...

#3 - Hackers [1995]

Rotten Tomatoes: 33% | Metacritic: 46% | Box Office: $7.5M

But for number three on our list we have the all iconic Hackers 1995 33 percent on Rotten

Well deserved!

46 percent Metacritic

Its hurtful!

Seven point five at the box office, I believe this movie lost money.

Yeah it did.

Chris: This movie came out and I was maybe 12, and I remember this being, this sticks out in my mind as the all-time hacking movie. But I watched it recently again and it's absolutely ridiculous and terrible.

It does not hold up

At all, not in any way

Jeff: You guys are hurting my feelings.


Dave: It's like people who wanted to make a movie about something they didn't understand...


Cast people to play roles about something that didn't understand...

Jeff: I just wish viruses were little pictures that ran around your screen like that, that'd be fantastic.

Chris: Yeah it's almost like, yeah that's a really good way you're putting it Dave, because they don't understand it at all and they don't bring in any subject matter experts and to help. Obviously movies like WarGames had someone come in and make it plausible, but almost nothing in this movie [Hackers} is plausible.

Dave: Its just ridiculous, it's probably the worst movie ever Jeff...

Oh my gosh.

I wouldn't go that far.

Dave: No it's not awful, it does have a lot of quotable moments and...

Jeff: Yeah it's kind of what brought the whole hacker thing to life for a lot of people so it's definitely an iconic movie. You can argue the level of greatness that the movie is, but it's it's definitely iconic.

Chris: There's a point in the movie where, I forget the main guy's name but he's fighting with the Angelina Jolie character. Acid Burn and Zero Cool, they're fighting over like the TV station and the actual robotic arms are fighting you know it's totally fake...


Some of that stuff's kind of ridiculous and the fact that they're wearing post-apocalyptic garb that is sort of like nine inch nails meets prodigy and everyone else is wearing regular clothes and from the era...


It's kind of odd, and every hacker rollerblades apparently which is interesting


But some of the stuff with the the tracking and the corrupt CISO you know in the other organization, who also is a cool hacker guy, you know some of that sort of pluasible though right like an internal mole in the organization. I mean or maybe you tell me. Could someone do that? They set up a virus and steal some money and then blame it on Anonymous...

Jeff: You could I guess, as long as you've got a Gibson you're good.

[Ha ha ha]

Chris: We could talk about Hackers for the whole show so we better move on to the next one.

#4 - Johnny Mneomic [1995]

Rotten Tomatoes: 13% | Metacritic: N/A | Box Office: $52.4M

Alright number four on our list, also released in 1995 Johnny Mnemonic 13 percent on Rotten Tomatoes

I can't believe that

Not even available on Metacritic but did make fifty two point four million at the box office so...

Which was above its budget...

Chris: This was a Keanu Reeves movie that I believe I wasn't allowed to see the time, I was too young I don't know how I got to see Hackers but I didn't get to see this one. I saw it later but have zero recollection of it.

Jeff: Johnny Mneomic is in my top 5 greatest movies I don't care what the Rotten Tomatoes says.


Dave: I haven’t seen this

Chris: Oh you haven't either? Okay since I have no recollection and since Dave hasn't seen it we gotta pull up the Johnny Mneomic trailer. We will pull up the shorter one, not the five minute version.

Dave: Is this a Matrix prequel?

Jeff: I guess technically you could say that. The premise is, that he has got an implant in his head, thats basically like a hard drive, and he has got to get the data out before he dies.


Jeff: If you can't tell I love low-budget movies

Chris: This is Waterworld meets the Matrix meets the 90s.

Dave: I don't know what I just watched.

Chris: Now listen there is one thing that I definitely have to admit...

Dave: Oh this was a William Gibson ?


This was written by WIlliam Gibson, no kidding...


This was a great book


I do miss the movie guy that was like 'in a world'


I do miss that guy, I realize that so far.

In a world where Keanu's brain is a computer

Chris: That might be the worst movie on our list. I haven't even been through the list yet.

Jeff: Oh come on guys...

Dave: I don't even have to see it to tell you that.

Chris: Now I have to watch it that is outrageous. People out there our listeners are screaming at us right now.

Dave; Also this has Dolph Lundgren in it?


And he was nowhere in that trailer

He was in that tailer?

Oh was he? As what?

I don't remember, but he was in it.

What special effect was Dolph Lundgren in?

He's giant jacked Russian guy. How did we not see him?

#5 - The Net [1995]

Rotten Tomatoes: 38% | Metacritic: 51% | Box Office: $110.6M

Chris: Okay all right number whatever, number one two three four five, number five I should have put numbers maybe, would have helped instead of guessing The Net...

Jeff: So I got it I gotta say this is number six of mine but when this movie came out I had the largest crush on Sandra Bullock there was no way I could not include this movie included there yet okay

Chris so the net 1995 obviously a Sandra Bullock vehicle this is probably before a little bit around speed on screen did speak about that around speeds probably tail this is probably tailgating off of this success of speed okay Mac 95 Rotten Tomatoes 38% see if you want percent Metacritic did a hundred and ten at the box office

Jeff  it's pretty good

Chris okay perfect once again though Dave did not it see I have not seen

Jeff a lot of modem dialing sounds in this movie trailer all the

Chris other ones I've seen after but unfortunately were kind of a string of ones I had not seen so let's check this one it's got a very cool 90s looking listen to that Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] my needle trading ry speaking tomorrow [Music] liquor [Music]

Dave how could you pass this up I was like gravity but my cyberspace I

Chris I do sort of want to see that now I don't know why some reason because it's Sandra Bullock next on the list number six Ghost in the shell now this is the original from 1996 which has a 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes 76% Metacritic 42 million box office so dang I don't you added this one on this is the this is not the Scarlett Johansson recent one this is the original yeah and

Dave you know we've been kind of making fun of every one of these and you can I suppose you can make fun of ghost in the shell' the original but I will say it's much more of a serious dramatic movie it's very artistic I am not really a big anime guy at all this was actually the first anime I ever saw but it looks a pretty big impression it's you know it's very well regarded and it's definitely like a cyberpunk hacking sort of movie I mean people themselves are literally getting hacked so

Chris that's crazy so this is the highest writing tomatoes on the list yeah by far that's a great movie

Dave and it's not too long it is kind of on the adult side so I watch it with children but it's definitely a mature thinking sort of movie

Chris can we watch the trailer and we will be we'll be in trouble

Jeff shouldn't be a problem to watch the trailer

Chris because I accidentally tried to go to what would Tyler Durden do last night to see what they were doing and ATT blocked me they didn't like that so

Jeff yeah I know I don't make couple scenes I might be a little questionable bit yeah it's a screen movie let's watch this and then remake you know people made a big stink about it I love the original I think the remake was fine as well but it's nothing like on the level of the original let's watch this one watch the two minute er yeah [Applause] [Music] [Music] so well the English version is dubbed uh to provide a little bit factory out here that's about this cybernetic person who works for this like private intelligence agency and she is hired to go track down this super hacker who basically hacks into the administrative assistant for another competing company

Chris okay

Jeff and then in doing so and I won't spoil it but there's a whole bunch of you know transfer of consciousness in various places and it is basically kind of a detective story and it's a larger tale about what is consciousness but it's definitely a cyberpunk hacking sort of movie

Chris that's cool all right all right that's some idealistic I these last three are on my list of ones I got a catch but not the next one number seven on the list the matrix 1999 88% rotten tomatoes

Dave Wow

Chris 73% avid critic and this camera mutes

Dave is the greatest actor of all time I'm gonna say it over and over again until it becomes the

Chris but yeah four hundred and sixty three point five million in the box office by far the most highest grossing movie on our list and so you Dave you and I both had this honor lit on our list when I talked to Rendell about in the office he was arguing it's not hacking movie but it's sorted

Dave it literally starts with happy I don't know how much more of a happy

Chris literally how they recruit him to get ya to become set free so if any of you listen this is not seeing the matrix I've been

Dave shut this off and do want to watch the matrix

Chris exact I so we Dave you and I are huge fans Jeff what about you what's on your top five

Jeff it's not on top five because I like low-budget B movies but it's a great

Dave are you saying the matrix is not a low-budget B movie

Jeff it made like a half a billion dollars so

Chris this is one of those movies to where I watch this probably once every couple years so I didn't have to rewatch this and they were just on that cusp of having it because some of the movies from the mid-90s just don't hang up as a CGI is just so bad and this is just there where you can still watch it today look at your questions

Jeff the bigger question is whats your feelings of the other ones


Chris the discussion should be about

Dave I really I would say unironically CLE like the second one I think it raises some interesting questions and it's some of the action scenes are amazing but yeah that's like playing guys and never Jenna yeah the whole highway chase is pretty yeah and a lot of the was like actually shot and can’t where they shot over there's a lot of CGI in there but there's a big chunk of it is actually being filmed like an actual live-action gap but the third one you know I like it because just because it's a continuation of the story of the plot wise you know I still don't even understand it fully I think it goes off the rails a little bit in the third

Chris one that's where the one where they set up their in Zion and they're all like having this weird like dance that's thatparty

Dave no so the dance parties in the second one I go oh yeah but the third one is they're trying to fight the the robots you know spoilers they do make it to Zion and it's just a fiasco and I don't know that's when when

Chris Neil has magic right

Dave that's what magic yeah he basically gets magic he starts to communicate with the matrix wall of being in the real world just believes over a little bit too much

Chris and the first one I agree it's time to remember the end of that has a machine

Dave clubbed to death song when they're first walking around the matrix I think it's kind of a tackers neem it's uh comes up quite a bit

Chris yeah well the majors we talk about driver that movie is amazing is definitely on here okay sore fish 2001 the next movie on our list 26% Rotten Tomatoes 32% Metacritic 147 point 1 million in the box office I saw this movie in the theaters of senior high school John Travolta's hair is outrageous in this movie Hugh Jackman we all remember the initial scene with Hugh Jackman where he's hacking

Dave yeah


Chris NSFW


Dave probably one of the best hacking scenes ever

Chris it's amazing

Dave Jackman just stick you waiting in front of a computer I watch that all day yeah

Jeff I find that I find it funny to where the you know he goes to that computer and I was like 7 monitors on arms and now we have like you know eight monitors and the sock and TVs everywhere and screens I mean it's it's funny how way back then it was it was such a big deal you know what it was in

Chris yeah I mean I didn't even had a computer back then but it was one monitor so you have more monitors like it was you know insane yeah we there everybody here gets at least to write about great yeah that was the big deal never any had the Leanback shareware he was like they're all around him you know like that was somehow gonna make him act

Dave a big deal about how his setup is is gonna give him the edge yeah

Jeff it's just more hardware well isn't that like away there was some TV show everything is NCIS for that they split the keyboard and two people do

Chris yeah so I have a blog article that I had written about that that you know the iconic gift where they're both you know on one side of the keyboard each and it's like then I don't understand that one

Dave that comes back to the earlier thing we're talking about with positive people not really knowing about this and they make it like a brute-force thing right so actors they're fighting yeah because but really I mean hacking just calms that comes out to be a slick and thing of proofing strategically right yeah so I mean so much of a successful hack any was like this thing that happens at 3:00 a.m. and that people discover you no later than they would like and it's but I mean this is very and action in I don't know it's it's better own good movie it's better yet Halle Berry will say does not salvage this movie

Jeff no pretty much anything under 40 percent on this list is like my favorite

Chris swordfish was did make it I want to on my list cuz I I remember John Paul's hair and just at that time he was starting to go off the rails you know he done face off and then he used did a couple bad movies he did this one and get back goatee and that like that like blonde stripe on his hair yeah he was ridiculous okay next movie on the list number nine antitrust 2001 as well 24 percent on Rotten Tomatoes 31 percent Metacritic 18.2 million only at the box office

Jeff speaking of which there's my favorite movie on the list

Dave and so that's why I will kind of agree with you I did  rewatch this one recently to catch up and preparing the whole onboarding sequence when he's coming into the company and and Tim Robbins performances it's actually really believable

Chris yeah the most believable movie on

Jeff yes this in wargames


Dave my favorite of the entire movie is when he is Gary Winston Tim Robbins house yeah and he's talking about you know the company said oh it's kind of like Microsoft and he says they do they themselves yeah he says bill who yeah

CHris I watch this week it's not picture the changes yeah one of those yeah it's like a bill who's they that's hilarious

Dave something on Microsoft being oh it's they're very primitive explorers

Chris yeah it's definitely a wink and nod to itself because diversity he's trying to do sir well for whoever hasn't seen this movie go watch it if he can give you give I think there's a free stream on YouTube actually of this movie

Jeff it's a great movie or what anybody says or Rotten Tomatoes score it's my favorite movie

Chris Tim Robbins plays the Bill Gates character Ryan Phillippe a plays the and I by Ryan Phillippe II as the Stanford genius i miles it off pretty pulls it off pretty well and let's not spoil this woman's there's actually a couple little twists in terms that's one that are good but yeah I this one to me all the hacking basis or legit it's all das based stuff there's some social engineering in this like I'm good I don't think the scores are fair on this one I think one should be in that sixties or seventies at least alright number ten you agree number ten on the list live free or die hard 2007 this is number four or five retired series I've lost rights number ones great it's also not believable eighty percent on Rotten Tomatoes 69 percent Metacritic three hundred eighty three point five million number two on the list for the the revenue generated

Jeff I'm not I'm not convinced that Bruce Willis knows what a computer is

Chris definitely not but the way they get around this this is what this made my list cuz I've never seen this in the theaters and I liked it a lot they had an adjustable on character as the backer type character right then Timothy Olphant totally plays it as like he's so I think you swore filling MSA in the move your stuff bag watching a lot but I know know well enough so to me I think this one this one made my top five easily because to me it was

Jeff it's believable


Dave to high for my list do I realize I'm just kind of ambilivant I don't remember as being a hacking movie even though I watched it at that hacking aspect of it I feel like did not play a big role in how I remember it

Chris well there's a whole fire sale fan right that's alright that's the core crux of the plot is it that he hacks into the mainframe and rent turns off the water alright cool number eleven the last one I list the most recent movie this is a Michael Mann so I put this on here cuz I love Michael Mann movies he did he in collateral on much other ones and he did in Blackhat in 2015 but it's a thirty three percent on Rotten Tomatoes 51 percent Metacritic only made nineteen point seven million at the box office have you guys will seen this movie I'm not know yeah I like this woman let's watch the trailer real quick again 33 percent Rotten Tomatoes of course I like it is just a Teta Chris Hemsworth aka Thor plays an MIT genius hacker about that that's the one big flaw of this movie

Jeff hey you know everybody's got to take a break gotta build in your passions

this is a lottery trailer oh yeah some hacker is hitting off financial markets major banks and that's just what we know about for one so that was identity we need a Bentley pathway they know how this guy was going to attacker so in 15 years it's got a prison for speak not smart think it's got a prison is where those of the church Mr. Wei [Music] need to stop it in that me [Applause]

he also knows jujitsu maybe the Muay Thai fighter though this is most people start service in 30 takes [Applause] I'm enjoyment anyone they always girl anymore [Music] they're nice folks

Dave no I think it was a pretty accurate depiction of what my everyday life is like just

Chris battling battling people in foreign lands

Dave absolutely

Chris so I have two big old big problems Chris Hemsworth being the main guy they could have picked someone not so tall and jacked that was best one thing it's a ridiculous premise overall by

Jeff like who Matt Damon


Chris its true but from a movie standpoint it was going nowhere fast and then Michael Mann threw in some crazy twists and some real graphic stuff and so from a movie standpoint it's worth watching nothing no I couldn't put it as anywhere number one

Dave but yeah I'll say it does look interesting I would probably watch this voluntarily okay and

Chris I won't spoil ya know best for this Thanks I cool we've reached the end of our list guys number 11 saw I was gonna Rank 1 through 10 I think that's I think that's crazy should we just shoot the top three top five what do you guys think or

Dave just each of our top movie yeah

Chris let's do that you see what that does give us our top three so everyone out of the list who what's your favorite Jeff I'll start with you what's number one for you what's the best we may be a long time

Jeff I trust is my favorite movie on the list yeah okay um I think just because I felt like it was on another level completely I would probably have to say ghost in the show because it's such a good movie and it has a larger you know a larger message I think it's it's just really interesting so this piece of art

Chris so I was gonna say the matrix but it's kind of cheating cuz it's already one of the best movies ever created so I'm gonna go wargames even though it wasn't on my initial list I've watched it I'm gonna go wargames I appreciated it it kept me although if you read this in offices for war games is totally incorrect so I just got to go watch the movie

Jeff yeah yeah

Chris see yours the matrix maybe for rounding it out of form yeah honorable mention honorable mention alright there you have it guys they're your top five hacking movies of all time directly here from - time show and that's all we have for this week guys this has been Chris Dave and Jeff and we'll see you next time thank you for listening to the hash time show check us out online at hashtag show com [Music]

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