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About Proofpoint

Proofpoint is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that provides in-depth security coverage for critical risk vectors for company email and more.  With Proofpoint deployed you get the following key benefits:

  1. Email Protection: Block the bad stuff from getting in.  Includes defense against spoofing, phishing, malware, spam and more.
  2. Information Protection: Stop sensitive company info from getting out.
  3. Business Continuity: Have the ability to send and receive emails even if your mail server goes down.
  4. Archiving & Compliance: Email archived in a quickly retrievable and query-able format.

*By filling out the form you are consenting to have a representative from Datashield an ADT Company contact you.  Datashield is a registered partner with Proofpoint and provides managed security services utilizing Proofpoint as a digital risk management platform.

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