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The retail industry records some of the highest numbers of confirmed hacking incidents every year. This is primarily because retail companies process information every day that is highly desirable for cyber criminals. And while the risk of primary network attacks may seem obvious, (like point-of-sale intrusions as a gateway for accessing credit card information), experts are finding much more elaborate cyber-attack strategies are being used on Retail. In many recorded cases, cyber criminals used stolen credentials from a partner or vendor, to access the retail company’s database. In fact, the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Report indicates that 97% of all point-of-sale breaches featured stolen credentials that leveraged a legitimate secondary partner access. Retail companies need more comprehensive detection and response capabilities to combat both primary attacks, and secondary partner-related breaches. DATASHIELD’s Managed Detection and Response services and technologies are designed for the sole purpose of combating even the most sophisticated cyber-attack strategy.

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DATASHIELD Security Appliance™ with DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™

For about the cost of a senior security analyst, you can have DATASHIELD Security Appliance with DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™.

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DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™ enables organizations to combat the modern cyber adversary and establish effective cyber security defenses.

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