Protect Your Business With True Cyber Resilience

Overburdened or limited security resources can leave your business open to credential theft, malware injection, or other attacks. DATASHIELD secures your business with our proprietary technologies and a team of cybersecurity experts at our ASOC.

The DATASHIELD Resilience Platform

Cyber resilience combines cybersecurity, business continuity and enterprise resilience during a cybersecurity event so organizations can respond to threats quickly, help minimize damage and continue operations.The DATASHIELD Resilience Platform is a holistic, integrated solution designed to utilize people, process and technology to deliver true resilience to organizations before, during and after an attack.

The best path to helping protect your business and delivering a true cyber resilience strategy.

Businesses face an ever-changing barrage of challenges to their cyber defenses. A defense-only strategy is not enough to combat advanced targeted attacks that enterprises face daily. To realize true resilience, the resources in your arsenal should be skilled, precise, fast, and efficient.

Credential theft, malware injection and data exfiltration are just some examples of attacks leading to potentially long-lasting repercussions. In response, some businesses continue to invest in disparate technologies, layering multiple technologies that are not integrated with each other, leading to longer response times and poor productivity. Typically, security teams face a large influx of alerts that current security teams cannot adequately address.

Overburdened or limited security resources may not have the time (or expertise) to quickly review alerts, determine if a legitimate threat is present on the network and then respond to threats before damage is done. With dwell times running 150 days or longer and cybersecurity talent gaps being an on-going challenge, visibility coupled with rapid detection, response and remediation is critical.


Email Security At Any Scale

Ransomware, impersonation, spear phishing—standard email-defense systems can’t protect against it all. To defend against routine spam and targeted threats, DATASHIELD deploys both Mimecast and Cofense Triage for constant monitoring and identification of malicious emails. Mimecast is recognized for combining internally developed and third-party technologies with dozens of internal and external threat-intelligence sources. Mimecast simplifies and automates the process of recovering email and other data within the corporate email environment while ensuring that email systems remain 100 percent operational and the data is secured within. In addition to L1/L2 support, DATASHIELD provides back-end integration into the MDR service to enhance visibility and reporting.

Network Perimeter Monitoring

Your network perimeter keeps your internal information assets secure—but who’s maintaining it? Perimeter technology must be effectively provisioned, deployed, maintained, and patched to combat current threat vectors, and firewall management requires significant resources and specialized skills to prevent access breaches. DATASHIELD is equipped for 24/7/365 continuous management and monitoring to maintain your firewalls and ensure your data is safe in your perimeter. Our network and perimeter monitoring is integrated into our MDR service so we can leverage threat intelligence across DATASHIELD's ASOC experts and strengthen policies and analysis of firewall logs.

Threat Remediation

Cyber resilience includes recovering quickly from an attack. When DATASHIELD reports a verified incident, our experts at ASOC provide recommended steps for remediation, including step-by-step instructions with procedures and escalation paths to remediate the environment. The DATASHIELD Cybersecurity Resilience Platform integrates Cofense Triage into our MDR services to address email threats quickly and eliminate false positives. Our cybersecurity analysts check and analyze clusters of emails flagged as suspicious, and if an email is deemed dangerous, the indicators of compromise are provided to help with mitigation.

Your Business Can Achieve Cyber Resilience

DATASHIELD’s holistic approach to cybersecurity equips any business with the necessary tools to combat modern cyber threats. It’s time your business achieved true cyber resilience.