Cybersecurity For Enterprise Level Businesses

Our team of cybersecurity experts uses advanced detection and response technologies to help your business achieve true cyber resilience. Let DATASHIELD secure your business!


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is DATASHIELD's comprehensive process for detecting cyber threats to any-size business.

Threat Detection.

DATASHIELD utilizes logs, full packet capture, and advanced intrusion detection technology to constantly monitor all traffic on your network and not just events that trigger an alarm.

Our MDR service provides network and application log monitoring, alerting and reporting in real time so we can see everything all at once. We also work with global intelligence groups to actively hunt for cutting-edge threats and malicious conspirators who may be targeting your company’s network.

Threat Validation.

When we detect suspicious indicators, an MDR analyst investigates deeper to determine if a real threat or incident exists.

Threat Elimination.

For a validated incident, all critical data is collected and delivered in comprehensive reports to provide you with a granular view of what is happening and how to approach remediation. DATASHIELD reconstructs the actions leading up to an event and advises you on mitigation strategies for any compromised assets as well as future prevention techniques.

We See Everything.

Combating the modern cyber adversary requires continuous monitoring, active hunting, and deep forensic analysis using cyber-threat intelligence and real-time threat detection. DATASHIELD's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) performs all of these actions 24/7/365 with a team of world-class cybersecurity experts and proprietary technologies.



In order to achieve complete surveillance of your business, DATASHIELD has developed SHIELDVISION™, a premier security platform that leverages advanced human and technical resources to allow our experts to provide deep forensic analysis garnered from numerous sources across the globe.


ASOC Cybersecurity Experts

DATASHIELD maintains a team of world-class security analysts with experience defending mission-critical assets in 24x7x365 national security and enterprise-level environments—and they work exclusively in our US-based Advanced Security Operations Center.

MDR is the difference between at-risk and resilient businesses. Deploy DATASHIELD for your business and start defending your data.