With SHIELDVISION™, We See Everything.

DATASHIELD’s proprietary cyber-intelligence software closes the gap between the detection and elimination of threats to your data.

SHIELDVISION™ provides a single unified
platform for organizing, managing, and
collecting cyber-threat intelligence.

The 3-step SHIELDVISION™ solution:

Intelligence Gathering

SHIELDVISION assists our experts in manually gathering and analyzing cyber Intelligence.

Active Hunting

Real-time automated querying is combined with manual vulnerability identification.

Historical Querying

Automated historical queries on past-packet and go-forward packet data reveal potential weaknesses.

SHIELDVISION™ can deliver deep forensic analysis derived from numerous sources across the globe including:

  • Global underground networks
  • Active Communities
  • Open Sources

All businesses no matter the size are targets for sophisticated cyber attacks. Traditional alert-based log and signature services/technologies are not enough.