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Datashield’s proprietary cyber threat intel platform

SHIELDVISION™ closes the gap between detection times and remediation of a successful breach significantly.

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Using SHIELDVISION™ the Datashield team can deliver deep forensic analysis derived from numerous sources across the globe including:

• Open sources:
• Active communities
• The threat underground
• Real-time data collected from a variety of technical sources

Mid-market and enterprise level companies are prime targets for sophisticated attacks.  Traditional alert-based Log and Signature services/technologies are not enough.

Innovative Approach

DATASHIELD is the only MDR Provider to provide full packet capture and inspection beyond headers and metadata behind the firewall.

SHIELDVISION™ employs an innovative approach by applying cyber threat intel to packet-level data. This gives DATASHIELD’s expert analysts the ability to go back in time to identify compromises that are often missed by other technologies. 

SHIELDVISION™ helps close the gap between detection times and remediation of a successful breach significantly.
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A powerful threat intelligence tool. SHIELDVISION™ provides one unified platform for organizing, managing, and collecting cyber threat intelligence.

SHIELDVISION features include:

• Real-time automated querying
• Real-time alerting, and historical querying, working with new-threat intelligence
• Manual and automated vulnerability identification
• Scanning capability for comprehensive network monitoring

SHIELDVISION™ 3-Step Process:

• Manual/Human Intel Analysis
• Active Hunting and Query Design
• Automated Query Argument on past packet data and go-forward packet data

DATASHIELD Managed Detection and Response™ provides organizations the tools and expertise to combat the modern cyber adversary and establish effective cyber security defenses.

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