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DATASHIELD’s proprietary cyber-intelligence software closes the gap between the detection and elimination of threats to your data.

SHIELDVISION™ provides a single unified
platform for organizing, managing, and
collecting cyber-threat intelligence.

At the very heart of our technology platform is our proprietary software security tool called SHIELDVision. SHIELDVision leverages the most advanced human and technical resources allowing our experts to provide deep forensic analysis garnered from numerous sources across the globe.

SHIELDVision is a security orchestration tool that provides a single unified platform for organizing, managing and collecting cyber-threat intelligence.  SHIELDVision combines intelligence gathering, rapid automated querying with real time alerts. It is a comprehensive monitoring tool that allows for historical queries to work in tandem with new threat intel. This featured allows our analysts to “go back in time” and check for compromises that may have been missed by other technologies

By leveraging the most advanced human and technical resources, SHIELDVision provides a centralized platform for organizing, managing and analyzing cyberthreats.  Threat intelligence collection, deep forensic analysis by experts and proactive content development help keep your organization safe in real time.


Rapid Automated Querying

Incident response automation tools that allow DATASHIELD analysts to quickly discover important characteristics of a dataset and find data-driven insights in the corresponding domain.

Real Time Alerts

Real-time threat analytics and alerting allowing you to defend your organization on the front lines against threats including phishing, malware, ransomware and botnets.

Historical Querying

Forensic investigation back in time working in concert with new-threat intelligence.

Manual & Automated Threat Identification

Scanning capabilities via both automated technologies along with manual hunting by SOC analysts.

Network Monitoring

Comprehensive networking monitoring including visibility into routers, firewalls, severs, client systems and software.

SHIELDVISION™ Orchestration

ShieldVision Orchestration takes threat Intel from various solutions (Mimecast, Cofense, Open Source Threat Intel, & SHIELDVision proprietary Intel) into our platform and uses that data to automatically generate scans of customers environments across different platforms for known malicious data.

Use Case Example:  A message in Cofense is marked as malicious, SHIELDVision then pulls out the indicators of compromise (IOC’s) and generates a scan automatically on Splunk, RSA NetWitness, Mimecast & SHIELDVision Sensor simultaneously. Any malicious items found will auto generate a ticket for an analyst to review and will then connect to Mimecast and automatically block the IOC’s.

Note: This example works in the reverse as well. (IE Mimecast to Cofense)


SHIELDVISION™ Client Portal (Web & Mobile)

The DATASHIELD Client Portal provides you with a transparent view into your Managed Detection & Response Service.  Posture, Performance & Historical data is available for customer view. Integration with our ticketing platform allows customers to see open analyst cases, engineering tasks and content requests by priority. Clients are also able to receive an RSS news feed with all of the latest security news and trends in real time.

The Portal Mobile App provides a quick access view of the Client Portal on the go.


SHIELDVISION™ can deliver deep forensic analysis derived from numerous sources across the globe including:

  • Global underground networks
  • Active Communities
  • Open Sources

All businesses no matter the size are targets for sophisticated cyber attacks. Traditional alert-based log and signature services/technologies are not enough.