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Mike Heller

Director of Product Management

Mike runs the Product Management Team focused on DATASHIELD's service offerings and relationships with technology vendors.

Mike has over 20 years in the IT space with a focus on customer service and program management. Mike has worked for DATASHIELD for 5 years and has seen a lot of positive organizational growth during his tenure.

Currently, Mike heads up the Program Management Office which has direct oversight in service delivery, providing a first class experience for each customer, and overall process improvement initiatives.

Mike is originally from Northern California and moved to Arizona eight years ago. Mike enjoys a wide variety of hobbies and activities. At any given time, you might find Mike hiking, fishing, smoking meat, watching MMA, and running his book club. Mike loves to spend time with his wife and three kids.

Mike Heller

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A Message from Jeff Marshall - Announcing the New Product Management TeamA Message from Jeff Marshall - Announcing the New Product Management Team

I am pleased to announce that Mike Heller has accepted a new position directing the Product Management team focused on our partners and vendors. We are excited to continue growing our organization and providing continued high-touch service...

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Mike Heller

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Episode #17 - Measuring ROI in Cyber SecurityEpisode #17 - Measuring ROI in Cyber Security

Measuring ROI in Cybersecurity, human augmentation and stories about insurance. All this and more including taking a phone call from a listener, designed to illustrate a real-life phishing / social engineering situation. Dave and Jeff prepare for their talk on emerging trends for RSA TechFest and Chris ponders replacing his hands.

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Mike Heller

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