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Security Architecture Solutions

Listed below are a few tools and solutions that fit within the framework of a solid security architecture. We have partnered with and developed integrations between the best providers in each category.

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Security Information & Event Management

The core of your monitoring process. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and integrated tools can be complex and difficult to deploy and configure.

Datashield will help implement, properly tune, and configure your appliance so you can get the most out of our security investment.

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Email Security

Ransomware, impersonation, spear-phishing—standard email defense systems can’t defend against it all.

To defend against routine spam and targeted threats, Datashield uses advanced tools for email security. These tools are constantly monitoring and identifying malicious emails.

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Endpoint Detection & Response

EDR solutions take traditional antivirus tools to the next level by allowing security teams to continuously collect, track and store endpoint data.

This level of detail provides Datashield's analysts with the forensic granularity necessary for active hunting and proper incident response.

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Network Defense

Your network perimeter keeps your internal information assets secure—but who’s maintaining it?

Datashield is equipped for 24/7/365 continuous management and monitoring in concert with our Network Operations Center (NOC) to maintain your firewalls and ensure your data is safe in your perimeter.

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Perimeter Defense

Traditional perimeter defense tools are no longer the standard for secure environments. Many can be used in conjunction with a more advanced tool like SIEM or email security.

Datashield is able to help our clients implement even more powerful features and tools.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Feeds are the roadmap by which cybersecurity monitoring is optimized and ultimately executed.

Datashield has developed its own proprietary Threat Intelligence but also leverages some of the largest feeds available on the marketplace.

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Vulnerability Management

Implementing vulnerability management tools and processes is a key component of any resilient security strategy.

Datashield offers vulnerability management as a service and understands the tools and skills required to implement them.

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